Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day, How do you honor your Mother

     Every year on the weekend of Mother's day we have a huge cook out.  Since my birthday is May 17th and my baby sisters birthday is May 24 we kind of just roll the 3 into one.  We all get together and spend Saturday with Mama, usually grilling chickens, with the fixins.  I try to buy enough extra chicken and throw it on the grill so that on Sunday Mother's day we don't have to do any cooking.  We just warm the left over chicken up after church and enjoy yet another meal for Mother's day.

     My Mother means more to me now than she ever has in my life.  Not just because I am 37 with kids of my own, but because I know what it is like to lose your Mother and not be able to call her when I need something, or just call her to tell her I love you!  Let me explain, When I married the first time my husband Ex now, did everything he could to keep away from my family.  It was really bad but got even worse once I got pregnant and had my son.  My parents were not allowed to call or come see me and visa versa.  For 3 years my Mother and my Father were basically dead to me or there was a possiablity that I would be dead, so I opted to not have anything to do with them.  Thank God I realized what was going on before it was too late and got out of that situation.  After I left my Ex-husband he kidnapped me, both my Mother and Father thought that they had lost their daughter.  I was only 22 at the time with a 2 month old baby.

     Most people lose their parents it is because of an argument, an abusive spouse, or death.  I thank God everyday that mine was ab abusive spouse and that I have been given that second chance to have my parents back in my life.  So to me Mother's day is not just in May but it is everyday of the year.  I live next door to my Mother and I go see her at least once a day and call her many times.  We have Family meals together often, usually on Sunday but sometimes any day of the week works for us.  This way no one person has to cook the whole meal and we all work together to clean up afterwards.  Plus I get to spend another day with my Mama.  I dread the day we have to lay her to rest and I can not pick up the phone to call her and tell her that I just won something on the computer, or that I am sad and just need someone to talk to.

This is my Mother at a house in the Mountains of NC on Old Beach Mtn.  She is trying to walk down the steep slope.  Isn't she a beauty?
       How do you honor your Mother?  Do you buy her a fancy gift or make her something from the heart?  I usually try to get my Mother a rose bush rather than buy her a dozen of roses.  This way she can enjoy the roses much longer each season and they come back every year.  However, this year I got my Mother the craziest thing in the world for most people.  I beleive that what ever I give someone it should be something that they can use, especially once you get to be a certain age and have everything you need and some.  My Mother dont care  for anymore knick knacks so I got her 2 bars of deoderant.  She can use it and when done toss it in the trash.  There is no waste and I know what I got her was not on needed but used and not boxed up somehwere.

     I would love for my readers to share a story about your Mother, how do you celebrate Mother's  day and honor her, or how does your Family make Mother's day special for you!