Saturday, April 13, 2013

Man Rapes and Kills 5 year Old, what are your thoughts? Pt 2

Ok, we are back and this time with a different story that has happened more recently and holds a little twist.  This particular story that I am about to tell you about has NOT gone to trial yet, but is in fact in the picking of the Jury at the moment.  If you read part 1 of this post you know that the first of this post was extremely hard for me to write, however this one I don't know these people and don't know them personally like the other.


Here is what I know about this case, and again I will post links so that you can read it, and view it for yourself.  The lady posted above is the Mother of the 5 year child that was raped and killed.  She agreed for the Man to take the child and sell her into the Sex Slave industry.  That pissed me off right off the bat.  The man sold this child off to someone else for a drug debt.  Now I have known many people in my lifetime that have had a drug addiction, but never to the point to sell a child for their addiction or their debt.

It is hard enough to except that a grown man can even look at a 5 year old and get excited enough to do anything, but this just really crossed the line.

Because this case is just now starting I can only give the back story that I have and finish once the case is done.  So I am going to give you some media links, let you see first hand what the investigators said.  Once the trial is over I will come back and do an update to let everyone know just what happened.

I do know that McNeil, the one charged in killing, raping the little girl, was given a plea deal of Life without parole, and the childs Mother is ONLY facing Life without parole. McNeil refused the plea deal and we are in Jury selection now.  Here are the links I can find on the story...

Searcher recalls day