Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tru Moo Greatness!

As a #bzzAgent I was given to opportunity to try Tru Moo milk.  Here are the Findings!!!

I got a gallon of the the Tru Moo Chocolate milk and took it home.  As soon as I walked into the door both my 8 and 4 year old were immediately wanting some chocolate ilk to drink.  So I fixed then both a cup and they LOVED it.  Within a 24 hour period of time the 2 of them had finished off an entire gallon of milk.

Normally I can not get them to drink any milk and here I find that given something great they will finish it off within 24 hours.  So if you have small children that don't like to drink milk, then you definently need to try Tru Moo.  It is made with less fat and has a great taste that the chideren will love.

If you have tried Tru Moo then please leave a comment on this post and let others know how well your family liked it.  Even if they did not like it what did they no like about it?