Monday, February 25, 2013

Man cave anyone???

     I hear of all these men that have Man Caves, and think how much I would love to make for my hubby!  Since we don't have a lot of extra space and rooms available I decided that I needed to find something that is much more useful for both a man cave and a place to work. With gladiator garageworks you can have just that!   Plus I also get a place to store some of the things that I need, while keeping it all hid from the naked eye.

     I am always needing a tool that he has but I don't know where to go to find them.  At gladiator garageworks they offer anything from tool boxes, work benches, bike racks, and storage cabinets.  So you can store your bike for those months that it is just too cold to get out and ride, and have all of his tools neatly organized, while giving him a neat and tidy little place to work.  I suppose for some men this would not be much of a man cave but you have to know my hubby.  David is a man that has to be busy working on something all the time, so even when friends stop by he is working.  This way he can work while friends hang out.

     Maybe you are one of those extreme couponers and you need a place to store all of your free purchases.  They have some of the greatest storage lockers, and cabinets that look great and keeps everything organized. I myself do not do the extreme coupons, but I do tend to stock up on a really good buy.  I use the cabinets for those extra paper towel rolls and then my hubby knows where they are if he needs one too!