Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby or Not?

     When I was a little girl I used to think about when I grow up I want to have a husband (Of course) and maybe one or two children.  My baby sister always wanted to have like 10 kids, but I just wanted the quaint little happy family.  It was kind of like for me I envisioned this huge fairy tale wedding, and just the perfect family.  None of which most of us ever experience in real life.

     If you are a young couple today I can imagine that the pressures may be on for you to make your parents Grandparents.  That is the way it was for me, anyway! Maybe you have been married for a few years and you yourself is considering have a baby but you are not sure what you need to be doing to get pregnant (besides the obvious) or what you should avoid.  There are so many do and don't out there that it can be so confusing and the things that your mother did with you, now they tell you that you can't do that, it will harm the baby.

     If you are trying or thinking about trying to get pregnant you need to check out information on preconception.  You can learn things such as preparing your body, troubles conceiving, other options if you can't get pregnant.  For a lot of people getting pregnant is the easy part, but there are things you can do make the pregnancy so much easier.  For me just knowing what my body was going to go through, and how the hormones would affect my mental state would have helped out tremendous.  Unfortunately after being married for 2 years I was surprised with a special gift that Will be 15 in July.  I was not prepared in any way. 

     So even if having a baby in the year is not something you are looking at but maybe you would like one in the next 5 years, you can learn about the preconception process and learn about the different things that you need to know!

Good Luck :)