Thursday, January 3, 2013

Disposable Wedding Cameras for Everyone

     Today we live in a fast paced society.  Seems like everything we do must be done yesterday and we never really get to enjoy anything.  I know for me I am always pushed to get more and more done but never seeming to get ahead but more like falling behind!

     The same holds true for our special wedding day.  We want to remember our special day and see how happy everyone was but we can't seem to fit in talking with everyone, meeting their guests, taking pictures, eating and cutting the cake, the ceremony, etc.  We miss so much because we have so many things to but I have an answer that will help you see and remember your wedding day like never before.  Disposable wedding cameras have become the trend in the last few years and you can involve everyone at your wedding and see what your guests got to see while you were busy.  Personally I feel you get some better pictures this way because your friends will take fun pictures where the photographer takes your more serious photos of you and your wedding party.  What better way to sit back and remeber all the fun eerone had.  Makes for a perfect wedding album