Saturday, December 1, 2012

Event Management Software for Everyone

     I have some kind event going on at my house all the time, from planning baby showers, birthday parties to Family Reunions.  I usually have to rely on a sheet of paper with a list of things I need to get from the grocery store or a list of people to invite. With Event Management Software you can have everything you needs at your fingertip.  No matter how big or how small the event is, they have the program for you.

     I am planning a Christmas party this year for my Mother in law and just trying to figure out what everyone is cooking and bringing to party is a job.  I plan to use the Event software to organize everything so I know who is coming, and what each family is to bring.  Me myself I make a lot of candy for Christmas and give as gifts to Families, so I can also use this software for the purpose of making sure I have enough candy made for everyone and a cute container for each family.  There is nothing like not having everything organized and then getting to the last minutes and realizing you forgot something!  If you are planning any kind of event this year, you should try the Event Management Software out and see how much it helps you be better prepared.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding favor bags for your guests

     After deciding your wedding favors have you ever just thought, What will I put them in?  or How will I package my wedding favors?  At wedding star they will help you from start to finish on your wedding plans and if you are interested in a theme they can help with that too! 
     The wedding favor bags can be custom to fit your theme weddings and are very affordable for any budget.  In the picture at the top was one of my favorite wedding favors and bags because it not only is a reuse, conserve, recyclables but you can use this for a small plant.  Every time one f your guest sees the plant they willl be reminded of the beautiful day that you and your spouse were married.  It is a great gift that will be actually used and not just stuck in a drawer somewhere.  When choosing your favor and bag that is always something to consider, well that and price. 

     Another of my favorites would have to be the bride and groom candy bags.  They are so adorable and of course would go with any theme wedding.  If you don't see exactly what you are looking for you can contact them and they can customize any bag for you, to work for your wedding.