Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Perfect invite - Wedding Invitations

     One of the first things we do before having our wedding is deciding on colors, themes, decorations, and and them who to invite.  Once you have your things in order you want to get the perfect Wedding Invitations that match you, your groom, and the theme of your wedding.

     Wedding Star as 1,000's of ideas to pick from and your order can be customized.  They will help you decide on which colors looks the best and which is the best format for you.  One of the biggest things in Weddings is Etiquette, and I don't know all of it.  At Wedding Star they will help you to ensure that you have proper etiquette wedding invitations to send out to your many friends and Family.

     Something else to consider when inviting guests to your wedding is if there are any special needs, Wheel chairs, food allergies, etc.  These may not be something everyone knows so it would be a good idea to add these items to the RSVP card along with the invitation. 

It is never too early!

     Most people don't think about when their life will end.  We always think that we will out live our children or we have plenty of time to get our things in order so that we do not leave a burden upon our Family members.  Sadly, that is not always the case.  I know I have many friends who felt that way and life other plans for them.  Because they were so young they never made arrangements for anything in case something happened to them and it left a major burden on the Family members they left behind. 

     It is always very hard when you lose someone but I believe it makes it even harder when nothing is done to make arrangements.  I know both of my parents currently have everything arranged right on down to the music that will played at their funeral.  They only thing we have to do is agree on what they will wear.  While it is hard to lose a parent and this is not something you want to think about, it is a must do now or then.  Personally I believe that by doing so now you have say so in what you want as a person and no one can come in and say that you were not in your right mind, or maybe you have expressed that you don't want to be put on Life Support.  If it is not in a Last Will and Testament, you may not get your wishes.

     Last Will and Testament's are a necessity that we need to focus on not just for the death purposes of it but for medical purposes also. At Texas Wills online you can get your paper work emailed to within 12 hours and they are approved and accepted anywhere in Texas.  Still not sure how to fill out the paperwork or you have questions and concerns, they have a Texas Attorney available to help you by phone.  Once you get to the point of Power of Attorney, you are considered not able to make your own decisions.

     Why wait until it is too late?  You have the right to have things the you want it but you must act early.  The pricing is very reasonable. It is easy to fill out with no excuses for not having this done.  My New Years resolution this year is have this done, just in case!  With Texas last will and testaments, you can find all the help you need.