Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

     Every year Memorial Day weekend our family has their family reunion.  This year we had our 30th reunion and although we had half the people to show up, we still had a blast.  In this post I will share some of my family, friends and things that we do to enjoy our reunion.

     We started having our family reunion on Memorial day for many reasons.  One reason was because we have a big Military background and felt what better way to honor our Soldiers than to have a big celebration and bring family together to do so.  Second of all, because it is a 3 day weekend, it makes it easier for those family members whom do l=not live near us to make here, and then make it back home in time for work.

     Here I have some pics taken at this years Family Reunion.  I did not take many due to the fact that, my Mom and Dad are the ones that get everything set up and cleaned up, and of course I help!

     How did you and your Family celebrate Memorial Day?  Leave a comment, you can also do a IN MEMORY OF rather they are present, past or Future soldiers.  I would love to hear your stories!