Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internet Rate Plans

Guest post by Jewel Cole

So I just recently moved out of the city in to a more rural area so that I can have a taste of, as I call it, the country life. I really loved living in the city and everything it had to offer. Takeout food delivered at whatever time of day or night I wanted it. I was within walking distance to my favorite coffee shop and boutiques. It was time for me to make a change though, so I decided to head out to the country where I can live for a while and clear my head of all the city noise. When I moved out there I found out that my utilities are not the same as they were in the city. For instance I am on well water instead of city water. The other thing that changed for me was my internet connection. It was important for me to really check out the prices and compare and see what I could find that was a good deal. I have to have the internet but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. I used this link to find out the most recent rate plans for the internet in my area. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Identity Theft Protection, Got it yet?

     In 2011 I went on a small vacation with my husband, Mother, and children to the Mountains of NC.  While I was there my sister called me and asked where was I and if everything was OK?  Needless to say I was really confused but I answered her questions and told her I was fine, but why do you ask?  She informed me that she received an email from me saying that I was in another country and was in serious need of money wired to me now!  Still not sure what was going on I tried to just enjoy my last day away from the stress of home and enjoy my Family.

     When I got home I had a lot of emails from friends wanting to know if I was OK and what was going on!  So I then had to spend the next few hours sending messages to everyone and telling them I was OK that I had been spammed, and changing ALL of my passwords online!  I was so thankful that they did not get into my financials but if they can hack into my computer that easy then they could get my bank records, etc just as easy.

     If you or someone you know has ever been caught in an identity theft or maybe you are just looking for that Identity Theft Protection you need to check out IdentityHawk!  Identity Hawk offers a lot of protection for you and your family from thieves.  Your credit should be protected just as if it was one of your children.  In the event that someone tries to use your personal information you can have your account set up that they send you emails or text message alerts 24/7. 

     In 2012 if you haven't already decided to better protect your family as a resolution, why not do it now?  There is no better way to start a new year...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peoples Choice Awards and How you can get involved!

     January 11 9/8C on CBS People's Choice Awards.  Are you going to be watching with your family?  You can cast your votes now through Vocalpoint and at the end of the show on January 12 they will tally the results to see how Vocalpoint members compare!  Just go to this link, and vote!  If you are not a member of Vocalpoint you can sign up to be a member and cast your vote.
     You can also vote during the show for real time results, so if you like to be heard and have your vote count check out The People's Choice Awards on 1/11/11 9/8C on CBS.