Saturday, December 15, 2012

Biometric Gun Safes

     With the current events of the CT school shooting it gets us all holding our children a little tighter and keeping watch over them a little longer.  It did for me anyway.  I did not want to let my girls out of my sight not even to put them bed.  I sat watching them sleep to make sure I kept them safe.

     I personally own Glock 40 and have  for about 9 years and I have never had to use it.  I originally purchased my gun because I was in B.L.E.T. (Basic Law Enforcement Training).  We could use the school issued 9 MM but of course I decided to get one for me and I would have it for protection of my family and use for my Law Enforcement career.

     The first thing they teach in any gun safety class is not how to use the gun, clean the gun, but to keep it out of the reach of unwanted hands.  I don't argue the fact that should be the first thing taught/  You really need to know how to handle the weapon before learning how to shoot it.

     Guns safes can be very expensive, heavy, and sometimes very difficult to get into in an emergency.  At they have a Biometric safes that works off of fingerprints.  So you can program the safe to work with your fingerprints and your children can not access the safe.  This assures that the kids don't get the bright idea to play with daddy or in my case Mommy's gun.  There are so many children today that are killed by their parents gun, and completely accidental in most cases.   A child is curious and if they know where the weapons are they won't to look at them.  Unfortunately it usually ends in the death of a sibling.  And then there is the child that has rebelled against their parents and kills them.

     It is up to the parents to educate their children on the safety of the guns and put them out of reach under lock and key.  With these Biometric safes you have a better chance of the little ones not being able to get into the safe and getting the guns.