Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Decorations on a Budget

     At Wedding Star they have the custom made decorations for any wedding on any budget.  They have items from the wedding themselves to the cake toppers.

     I personally love to look at the different types of cake toppers available.  I have seen so many but just couldn't decide that, that was the one that I wanted.  At Wedding Star they will custom make your cake topper just for you! 

     Wedding Star also has over 3000 custom and unique decorations, with that number you know they have something for everyone.  When I planned my wedding money was a  huge factor in what I could have and what I could not have.  Wedding star will work with any budget to customize what you are looking for and give you the wedding you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.

    Doing a themed wedding and don't know how or where to start with it?  Check them out, they can help you customize your decorations into the theme you are looking for and at a great price!  Renewing your vows and don't want to spend the same money you spent before, You can't go wrong here.  They can help you with the wedding decorations and make it a memorable as the original!