Monday, November 12, 2012

K5 Learning Pre Review.

I have recently signed up for a FREE 14 day free trial on the K5 learning program online for my 2 girls.  This program is designed for children form Pre-K through 5th grade in Math and Reading skills.  It is really easy to sign up and there NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.  I can't that about a lot of free trials but this one is in fact the case. 

I not only set one child up on the FREE trial but I set my 8 year old which is in the 3rd grade and my 4 year old up on the pre-K program.  If you have a child that is within the Pre-K or to the 5th grade you should really check out this web-site.  They also test your child and do an assessment to see where your child is and what they need work on.  I also think this is a great program for in the summer to keep your child up to speed on what they learned the previous year and could help accelerate them. 

Since we have just started this program, I can only give you so much.  So here is the deal.  I am going to do this for a few weeks and I will be back to let you know how my daughters excel.   It isn't fair for me, you, or anyone if I don't give you the full effect of the program.  First impressions though is I love it.  Can't wait to get back to you and let you know more.