Monday, October 1, 2012

Best time to Garden? Now!

     When you think about working in the garden, most people think Spring.  The weather is warming up and after being indoors for what seems to be the longest winter ever, you just want to get outside.  However, in the Fall the weather is starting to cool off, and the bugs are no where near as bad now as they were in the summer.  The weeds and some flowers are also starting to die off for the Winter.   

     In the picture above you will see my 4 year up beside my Banana tree.  It is just huge in comparison to her and it has to be dug up before our first frost.  This is one of the Fall projects I get to enjoy.  I also like to take this time of year and pull out any unwanted weeds that may be there in the garden and surrounding the beds.

     Another biggie is composting.  Not composting yet?  No problem it is never too late to start your own compost bin at home and start feeding that soil.  I usually take the leaves and pin straw in the fall when we rake them up and place it in my compost bin and around my flowers in the flower bed.  I have a few flowers that just keep coming back year after year though they are perennials. The funniest thing about my flowerbed is that all I have is SAND, not the good stuff but the sandy sand. 

     There are things that can and can not be put into a compost bin, simply because you don't want unwanted bugs, pests, and animals evading in.  Meat is one of the biggest things you don't want to use because it rots, and smells really bad.  It also attracts animals that you don't want.  The best things to put into a compost bin are your scraps like, leaves, twigs, (yard waste) egg shells, peelings from your kitchen,  and tea and coffee grounds.  All of these items add nutrients to the bin and make for beautiful plants weather it is a flower garden or vegetable garden. 

     You just want to make sure you add a little dirt to the compost bin and keep it watered (not soaked, lightly moist) and keep it turned.  By turning the bin it keeps everything moving and allows everything to compost at much better rate.  This is an easy thing to do, it is GREEN, and prevents extra waste in your home.

     Do you have pics of your fall beds, or have any other ideas for Fall planting?  Please share them with us, we love to learn new things and I promise I don't know everything there is about flowers.  I always love to hear about the ways other people do things and learn from them!

This is a pic of Pilot Mountain in North Carolina in the Fall