Friday, May 18, 2012

~Mighty Fine Movie Review~

     Do you remember how yours and your friend’s childhood were?  I remember thinking my childhood sucked and everyone else had it made.  I particularly remember a friend my sister had and I always thought that she had what I wanted..  Her mother never seemed to care what she done, who she done it with, or when she would be back.  I am sure at some point we have all had this thought.  However,  I had a very loving family who didn’t have the money to buy me name brand clothes , or give me everything I wanted.   My parents never failed me by not supplying what I needed rather it was food or clothing.

      The film, based on writer/director Debbie Goodstein's childhood experiences, touches upon the controversial and difficult roles that anger and aggression can play in a family. Mighty Fine tells the story of a 1970's family, who move from Brooklyn to New Orleans in search of a better, more prosperous life. The movie paints the picture of Joe Fine's (Chazz Palminteri) love for his wife (Andie MacDowell) and daughters (Jodelle Ferland and Rainey Qualley), juxtaposed against his explosive, rage-filled side, which he often takes out on those closest to him. The emotional abuse leaves Stella, Maddie, and Natalie conflicted between their love for this charismatic, generous man, and their vulnerability in the face of his unpredictable mood swings.  Chazz Palminteri gives the performance of a lifetime, that will mesmerize and haunt viewers. 

  I was in tears in a lot of this movie because even though I couldn’t relate to the children in this movie I could however relate to the mother.  I myself was married to a man that abused me for several years before I finally decided I had to get out.  I also have a son that is Bi-polar and while watching this movie I could see a lot of resemblance to things I have experienced in my life.

    Mighty Fine is rated R for some really bad language, and brief nudity. Although it is not recommended for children under the age 13, I allowed my 8 year old to watch with me, because of things we go through with her older brother.  I don't think she really understood what the movie was about and really had no concern to watch with me.  Taking that into consideration I would say that 13 is probably the best age to watch so that they understand what is going on.  To learn more about Mighty Fine visit their Facebook page, and their website here.  Mighty Fine will be playing in select cities on May 25th.  You can check to see if Mighty Fine is playing near you here.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mighty Fine and the distributor. I received access to an online showing of the film and a promotional item to thank me for participating”