Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An award-winning dress for prom

Guest post written by Meredith Nixon

My daughter really loves to keep up with fashion. I'm not really as savvy as her when it comes to stuff like that. But I do love to watch award shows to see all of the gorgeous dresses that stars wear to them. It's always really exciting to watch and this year we made some mental notes to watch for some dresses like these when we go prom dress shopping for her later this month.
Her prom isn't until May so we have a little more time before she has to have a dress and we've been doing a lot of research during that extra breathing room. One night we were going through stars' red carpet looks from prom inspiration when I saw tips on debts settlement and read through most of them. I realized that they could apply to our family's financial situation and decided to use that site for it.
Out of all the red carpet looks my daughter really liked Jennifer Lopez's for the Oscars. I said definitely not. No one should go out in public wearing a dress cut that low, especially a teenage girl to prom! I'm really encouraging a dress like Ellie Kemper's from Bridesmaids and The Office.