Saturday, February 25, 2012

Girl Dead from Running, What are your thoughts?

     In the local news and across America there was a 9 year old little girl who died on February 17 from running.  If you haven't heard the story she had some kind of bladder condition in which she wasn't allowed to eat chocolate!  However while on the bus ride home she in fact consumed some chocolate and then LIED to her Stepmother and Grandmother about it!  Her punishment was to run around the yard.  Now with this being said to this point it isn't so bad however what we don't know is how big is this yard, and how many laps was she to run?  At least these were my questions.

     After running for 3 hours the 9 year old little girl dies.  She was not allowed to stop and get any water, go to the bathroom, or to take a break.  Needless to say after 3 hours she fell out and was having seizures.  The little girl Savannah died days later.  What are your thoughts on this situation?

     As a parent of a tough little 7 year old I tried really hard to understand this situation.  In fact my daughter Hailey is ADHD and ODD.  After she continued to lie to both me and her father her punishment was to run.  Spanking, standing in corner, in time out, none of these things seem to work for her so we tried running laps around our single wide mobile home!  My mother was convinced that she was going to rupture her appendix. So to get verification on this I researched online, and even talked to my family doctor about her running LAPS!  According to my doctor it was fine the way we were doing it.  The most laps Hailey has ever had to run was 50 and she was told you have all day to run them but they must be done.  You can run 10 and take a 30 minute break or you can do all 50 at one time.  I allowed her to decide when she felt she needed to stop and take a break.  So again I ask my readers to please share this story and I would greatly appreciate any feedback!  This little girl was not given a number of laps but time to run with no break, where I set a number of laps and give plenty of breaks.