Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coordinating schedules to go and see The Lion King

Guest post written by Autumn Miller

I wasn't so sure about what all I would have to do to get my kids to go with me to see The Lion King musical when it came around on a national tour. I remember when they were kids, they really loved the movie when I took them to go and see it and it's remained one of my favorite cartoon movies that I took them to see when they were little. You can't argue with how great the soundtrack for it is!
Well, I told them that it would serve as an early Christmas present for them and as soon as I mentioned that, they decided that they were all on board for it. But I guess that I can't blame them because they're all in their 20s and still paying off college loans. While I was online looking up some info on ticketing prices and times, I ran across some info on FL Locations abotu Miracle Ear. I've been thinking that I might need hearing aids for a while now, so I made an appointment for next week to go and get a hearing aid test.
I'm so excited about going and seeing the play with my kids. It will defeinitely be a nice break from our busy schedules.