Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 Mom inspired driving tips

     Have you ever thought about the difference in the way you drive and how you car reacts in the summer and winter months?  When the sun is shining, the rain, and in some parts of the US snow!  Winter driving is much different to me than driving in the summer and your car reacts differently also.  Here are a few tips on Safe driving in the winter.

1.  You want to get your car serviced regularly.  This affects the way your car runs and also will save you money in gas.  I have a list of things that should be serviced regularly:
   A. oil change every 3000 miles
   B. Have belts checked and changed as needed
   C. Water in radiator and winterized before winter
   D. Windshield wipers should be checked and keep in good working order
   E. Tires should have good tread and correct air pressure
   F. Brakes should be checked and serviced, you don't want to be without brakes

2.  Don't speed or follow too closely.  I live in Goldsboro NC and we don't get alot of snow however, we do get ice, hail, sleet, and freezing rain.  With these conditions you get alot of ice patches on the road and you don't see them until it is too late.  So drive the posted speed limit and avoid following someone to o close.  If for some reason they have to slam on brakes you want to have enough room to stop and not have an accident.

3.  Know where you are.  Especially in the winter because it gets darker earlier and if you were to have an accident you want to be able to give good directions to where you are located.  If you are traveling stay to the as much as the main highway as possible. 

4.  Don't talk, text, and drive.  If the conversation is that important then pull over at at gas station to talk.  There has been a great number of accidents from people thinking they've got under control and then lose it.  Let's not be a statistic for the negative but yet teach others the positives.

5.  Wear your seat belt and don't allow others to be horse playing while you are driving.   So many times we are distracted by others playing and radios too loud.  We need to have set rules for everyone in the vehicle and stick to them.  Remember your safety and the safety of others is and should be one of your top priorities.  If you stay safe chances are you will arrive to your destination in one piece.

    While there are so many other tips on safe driving I also have a small list here that I use regularly.  This is a list of items I try to keep in my car at all times because I never know when I am going to break down, and how long it will take for someone to get there to help me.

  A.  Blanket to stay warm
  B.  Water for drinking and car in case it overheats
  C.  Snacks
  D.  Flashlight
  E.  Spare tire  and air compressor
  F.  Deicer
  G.  Chains - if you live where it snows
  H.  Cell Phone
  I.  Battery charger, jumper cables
  J.  First aide kit

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