Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness, what's yours?

During the month of November we are doing a Thankful thought a day!  Because my schedule doesn't allow, I am doing all 30 of mine in one post!  I would like to hear your feedback, what are some of the things you and your Family are Thankful for?

Day 1 -  I am thankful for God and all the blessings he bestows upon me and my family.

Day 2 - My Mom and Dad, because they have been there in good times and in bad times.  They help me out when it seems no one else cares what happens.

Day 3 - My Hubby, because for the longest time he has been my best friend and still is.  I can talk to him pretty much about anything.

Day 4 - My children, although I have alot of issues with them at times I am so thankful that I have them and wouldn't trade them for the world!

Day 5 - Lessons taught and Learned, I know it sounds crazy but my parents were awesome and taught me things that I needed to be in the REAL world!

Day 6 - Cheyenne - Though I did not know her for a very long time she has become one of my best friends.  She is the one I can talk to about everything!

Day 7 - My Church, because they are friends and family that I never had. I can call them if I need something and they pull together to do what they can to help me out.

Day 8 - My sanity! Sometimes I wonder if I really still have it and then I realize it is just the world whirling by extremely fast and I just have to slow things down a bit!

Day 9 - The Farmers of America, because I love to eat really good food and they know all the secrets to getting it too me!  If it wasn't for our Farmers we wouldn't have meat, and vegetables!

Day 10 - In Laws, ha ha got ya on that one I'm sure...  My Father in law when he would see my parents always told them that he wished David (my hubby) had married me years ago, he is 78 years old and I do love them to death... Like most in laws they have their days where I wish otherwise, lol

Day 11 - My home, It is nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It is not a mansion but it is paid for!

Day 12 - My health, I have lived 355 years and never had any major problems.  I have hit a few bumps in the road but slowly but surely I have crossed over and got back to it!

Day 13 - Sweet Tea, and this is probably just flat out crazy but I do love me some sweet tea!

Day 14 - Spring, I love the beautiful colors and the warmer air coming out of Winter!  The green leaves on the trees and flowers blooming!

Day 16 - My blog, I have really enjoyed writing in my blog and meeting new friends through it.  It gives me an escape sometime to just express myself in words that I can type and erase if I didn't like the way it came out!  Have you ever said something and wished you could take it back, well here I can!

Day 17 - New Family... By this I mean family I have never meet before and then I find out we are related.  It is so refreshing to meet new people.

Day 18 - I am Thankful for Thanksgiving.  It is a time in our Family when we get together and eat lots of really good food.  My mother used to do all the cooking and we just eat and helped clean up.  Now that we are older we all try to cook a few pieces and take to her house and enjoy a huge meal with her.

Day 19 - Christmas.  Who doesn't enjoy Christmas?  It used to be the presents, still today for most children but now it just means so much more!  I enjoy the time I get to spend with my family.  Christmas 2009 I was blessed to spend my last Christmas with my Grandmother and to this day I still cherish that moment. ~Happy Birthday Jesus~

day 20 - Jesus dieing on the cross for my sins.  You know he gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever give.  I can't think of too many people that I would die for but he died for ALL of us!

Day 21 - facebook, while it sounds ludicrous I have found long lost friends and family members that I would not be able to talk to without it!  And I enjoy playing the games too!

Day 22 - Love, I have alot of people in my life and Love isn't always what comes to mind.  I do have and feel the love around me though most of the time and I am thankful that I have people that care and love me enough to do what they do for me!

Day 23 - Gift of Gab,  It is funny because I can meet people and talk to them as if I have known them my whole life.  But sometimes it is difficult to write stuff down.  I am so glad I can talk to people because it makes life much easier in Law Enforcement in which I studied and worked briefly!
Day 24 - Life in general...  I am so thankful that my Mother decided to have me and keep me.  I often think about children that their mother's and father's didn't want them and just Thank God for my wonderful parents who gave me Life!

Day 25 - Water on so many levels!  I love to swim, bathe and drink water! 

Day 26 - Today I am Thankful for Ritalin...  I have 1 son that is ADHD and Bipolar and a daughter that is ADHD.  On days like today Ritalin is my friend.  Several people have argued about children on this med. but at the same time they don't understand why my children are so wide open, and they are taking meds.  Imagine if they weren't!

Day 27 - Fall because I love to watch the leaves fall out of the trees.  For most of us in the south the leaves falling is our snow!  And like those up north we have to clean it up but I enjoy it!

Day 28 - Dixon Electric...This is the company both my husband and I own and run.  He does the work and I do alot of the talking to customers...

Day 29 - Energy that I never seem to have anymore!  I am thankful that I am able to get up everyday, breathe, and walk.  There are so many people that can't say that and I am thankful I can

Day 30 - I have no specifics here.  I am just thankful for so much it is really hard to put it all into words.  I have a great Family, wonderful friends, and a home!  All of which makes life great everyday and worth living!

Now it is your turn, can you give me something you are Thankful for?