Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~The Rite~ Review

     The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins was an Awesome movie.  I would not personally recommend this movie for small children or even for pre-teens.

     The movie starts off in a Morgue with a young man preparing a young lady for eternal rest.  He fixes her eyes, packs her mouth, washes her hair and gets her dressed.  He notices a Devil Tattoo on her leg, and then he places her bracelet on her arm.  He notices the different charms on this bracelet and puts it eye up!  When asking his father how she killed herself his dad tells him that we don't talk about the dead, "bad things happen".  He goes to talking with his friend that he is thinking of becoming a Priest.  In his family they are either Morticians or Priest. 
     Once he gets accepted into the program, he aces everything with the exception of Theology.  Says he doesn't know what he believes in.  While in school he decides he isn't going to do this and writes a letter of resignation, but is sent on another mission first.  He is going to learn to do Exorcism's. 

     This is where the movie really gets interesting and really not recommended for young children and even adults that frighten easy.  My husband tried to watch it alone at night during a storm and needless to say he did not get far before finding something else to watch.  I am a scary movie fanatic and I have watched this movie 3 times in one weekend.  In fact I watched it during Hurricane Irene with trees slamming, and wind blowing. 
     For the first time I can say that I even thought the ending was pretty good.  It didn't leave you asking a bunch of questions but yet if they decided to come do a part 2, they could just pick up and go with it.  It keeps you on your toes and wandering what can happen now, and is that really possible?   If you haven't seen this movie yet please go visit your local video store today and get it.  You will not be disappointed.