Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes, and Hurricanes Oh My!

     Typically here on the East Coast we see alot of Tornado and Hurricanes.  It seems when we finally make out of Tornado season we have already been in Hurricane season for a few weeks!  Here in NC we know what to do and how to prepare for these storms and when to take shelter.

     I can't tell you what to do or even where to start to prepare for an Earthquake because we don't get those here, well until yesterday!  While I live in NC there was a 5.8 Earthquake in Virgina.  It could be felt as far south I beleive they said as Georgia.  I saw on the news alot of people that were visiting Washing DC that were from CA and they thought that we over did it.  I guess never have going through it we don't know what to do or how to handle it!
     Matthew 24:7 says "For nation shall rise against nation, and Kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."  8 "All these are the beginning of sorrows:"

     I have a few things here that will help you to  be better prepared in case of a hurricane or tornado.  It is not a full list but just some common sense basics that are needed.  In alot of cases the power goes out, which me no stoves, AC, heat, water, refrigerator, etc.  So I have compiled a list of things that every home should have and in perenthisis ( ) is the number needed per person per day. 

Water for drink (1) gallon per person per day so if you have 3 people in your home you need at least 3 gallons a day and you can plan on about 3 to 5 days! 9 - 15 gallons.
change of clothes
batteries and flashlight
First Aide Kits
matches, lighters
can food with pop tops or a handheld can opener
grill charcoal or gas and plenty of gas and charcoal
Fill your gas tanks up on your vehicles prior to the storm
pillows and blankets
battery operated radio or tv
medications needed
cell phones and fully charged
Generator is you have one, gased up with extra gas and serviced prior to the storm.  Be sure you still know how to work it so you don't get caught in a bind.

These are just a few things that we keep handy and ready to go at anytime during storm season.  In fact most of this is in our camping supplies and I keep it all in plastic tubs easily accesible.  I live in a mobile home so when a hurricane threatens my area I go either to my mothers or my in-laws home.  So we also take our air mattress so we have somewhere to sleep besides a hard floor.  If by chance you have to evacuate to a shelter the air mattress comes in handy there too.  But remeber there is no power so have a hand pump or a fully charged air pump for the mattress.   Because I have small children I always have water, juices, and snacks in the car so when we have to be evacuated I already have some things packed.  and you don't wait until you can fill the winds off of the storm to leave, give yourself time to be caught up in traffic.

     Another thing you have to do to prepare for these wonders of God is CLEAN YOUR YARD!  Not screaming just emphazizing!  I don't mean that your yard looks like a trash dump but if there is any lawn chairs, toys, tables, trash cans, etc. they need to be placed under a shelter and as close to your house out of the wide open.  The wind gusts get so high it throws everything and turns a little plastic toy into a rocket.  They can bust out windows and if you get hit you will know it!  There are deaths from these storms from small objects hitting people.

    Last but not least is the wonderful flooding these storms bring.  Not really a whole lot you can do to prepae for the flooding other than be ready to leave before it gets to you.  In 1999 Hurricane Floyd came through NC and I was stuck at my house for a week because the flood waters were so high they would not let us out.  It worked out good for me because we had all we needed.  So if you are incurring a storm I hope this helps.  Be safe and be careful.  If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment and let me know, I am human and don't remember everything.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School How do you get ready?

     It is that time of year again when are all trying to get school supplies, and meeting our new teachers for the year.  We have Tax Free weekends to aide in getting new clothes and things that we need to survive the new year.  How do you and your Family prepare for the new year?  What Traditons if any do have?  Here are a few things me and Family do to help ease back into the new School Year!

     First thing we do is start going to bed earlier.  During the summer months we don't always have a set time to get up so we don't inforce mandatory going to bed early rules.  About two weeks prior to going back to school though we try to get a more inforced rule.  We chose two weeks because it takes atleast that to get them back.  A few days before school starts back we start getting up ealrier.  Big Battle in my house and I really need to start this about a month earlier but really I hate mornings so I take advantage of the sleep ins!

     We try to keep our routine year round of when we get up we brush our hair, our teethe, take any meds and vitamins, shower, clean clothes, and take about ten good deep breathes.  Deep Breathes you ask, let me explain.  My daughter is ADHD and when she stops and takes 10 good deep breathes slowly it tends to help her calm down a litttle and focuse on what we have to get down.  It works  for us most of the time, give a try you may like it yourself!

     Tax Free weekend I always try to get school clothes, and what i know they may need for school.  For example notebooks, bookbags, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, etc.  We don't actually get our school list until about 3 days before school starts so it makes it difficult to know exactly what they need to have. 

     Then we go to our school orientation, meet our new teachers, and find our classrooms.  It is at this point we find out what supplies we need for the upcomeing year and have to go shopping again.  Our schools start in exactly 4 days so today is the day for meeting teachers, and getting up earlier!

     Again I ask what do you and your Family do to prepare for the new school year?  Any suggestions for me that may make it easler for me?  Please leave a comment, blog URL, and follow via GFC.  Love new friends and meeting new people.