Friday, August 12, 2011

The Day my Baby was born

     Do you remember the day your first child was born?  Mine was 13 years ago in July and I remeber it like it was just yesterday!  So many women have babies and don't remember the delivery, or for hours after delivery or maybe it has been so long since your pregnancy that you don't remember everything you wanted to remember.

     My pregnancy was good other than the weight gain, I was 95 pounds before I got pregnant and by the time I deleiverd my son I was weighing almost 200 pounds.  Yes you read that right I gained 100 ponds with my first baby, but I did lose down to 125 so I was happy.  I told my family that I was pregnant on 12/24/1997 after my sister announced that she was going to have a baby, but at that time I really was just kidding, or so I thought!  We found out a few weeks later that in fact I was having a baby.  My due date was 7/22/98, and my little sister was NOT happy.  That is her birthday and she was turning 8, so the entire pregnancy she was upset with me until her birthday and then she was upset with me because I didn't have him on her birthday!  I was so confused and anxious to have this big bundle of joy!

     On July 26, 1998 I woke up around 7 Am and in labor... Or at least that was what I thought was labor.  First baby you really don't know whats what yet.  I drank water all day, took tylenlol like the hospital told me, and walked for what seemed like all day.  I laid on the couch while my husband watched the race and hurting like crazy.  Contractions weren't close enough for anything so I still had to wait it out.  So I watched the end of the race and Jeff Gordon won that day.  I looked around and said "I don't want to have my baby on the day Jeff Gordon won the race.  Little did I know I would get my wish.  After the race I went walking once again trying to bring in those contractions and then went to get a shower.  I shaved my legs (didn't want nobody to see my legs like this), I did my makeup, and fixed my hair.  I was so cute when I got to the hospital.  At this point my husband was in the shower and when he got out I was in a knot (fetal position) on the floor and could not move, so we knew it is time to get to the hospital.  I will never forget the nurse telling me how good I smelled going up the elevator.

     So now I am hooked up to all kinds of machines just waiting for this baby to do his thing!  I was misreable and anxious all at the same time.  But finally after 22 1/2 hours of labor at 5:33 AM I had a 5 pound 9 ounce baby boy and 22.5 inches long.  Toddler right?  You don't know the half, he actually had a tooth trying to come up through his gum at birth!  I had a great recovery and was going home from the hospital 1 day after delivery and shopping at our local Wal-Mart!

     Fortuanlty this was my first child and I was able to keep a journal and took alot of pictures.  I wasn't so lucky with the next few babies to come.  3 pregnancies and all 3 diffrent but there are alot of things about the others I don't remember and I wish I could.  If you know someone who is expectacting a new baby or maybe you yourself is expecting then I have a web application you need to try.  It is FREE to  use and once you have entered in all of your information you can have a book printed for a lifetime of memories.  You can also use this app if you are like me and your children are older.  This is an awesome program that allows you to write a letter to your child before they are born and have a keepsake to pass down in the family!

     Here is some information on The Day Baby Was born web app

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