Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years 2012, How will you celebrate?

     We have almost survived 2011 and coming into the New Year of 2012.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I think we are just going to stay home and spend time with friends and Family.

     October 13, 2010 my husband decided against everything I said that he would have a few drinks, and then decided to drive home!  Not a good idea but because of that he got the opportunity to visit the DRUNK TANK! He lost he license for 30 days, and now has to have a monatech breathalyzer to start his vehicle.  Not cool but hey they is what happens when you drink and drive if you are lucky....

     Since he received his DUI he has decided that drinking is not for him, and I am not upset at all.  So, we will be having a Sober New Year!  How about you?  I just hope that if you decide to drink that you at least have a sober driver, stay where you are or get a cab.  I really would hate to see this with your name on it!

I tried quitting, I really did. I just ran out of time and Chances

     I hope you and your family has a happy and SAFE New Year, and may the new year bring in lots of blessings for you and yours!