Monday, October 31, 2011

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

     Being from the South you hear alot of terminology growing up that sometimes really don't make sense.  My dad always had my favorite one.  I will tell you about that one later, but first to ~Ignorance is Bliss~.

     As an adult every time I think of that old saying I have to ask myself, What? What really are they talking about?  So as I was talking to my husband, David, one day we got to talking about ignorance.  Now you have to understand that this is a man that if he ever read it, seen it, heard it, he remembers it!  However me, I can't read something and half the time tell you what I just read or what it was about.  When you think about things in certain aspects you really start to understand where, and why they came about. 

     Steve Jobs is one of the most recent, smartest men most of us know about and I have to ask myself was he REALLY happy?  If you go to google and ask the question "Why are intelligent people less happy?" you get a huge number of results.  My husband seems to be a very miserable man most of the time, I guess because he knows so much about people and things that he doesn't really get to enjoy anything.  If we watch a movie together I get quizzed on her the stars are, what else they played in, etc.  To be honest I don't care who they are or anything about them.  Do you think they care who I am or my struggles in life? NO!

     But the best southern phrase I have ever heard and to this day makes me the maddest has to be ~Did you hurt in to your Notion?~

     Ask anyone outside of my friends and family and they look at you like you are CrAzY!  However growing up if we got hurt that is what my dad would ask and if you told him no, he told you to go back and do it again!  I am 35 and my dad still enjoys that one!

     Would love to hear any comments, phrases, thoughts, or opinions you have on this post.    Life in general is so full of surprises and we have to take them day by day and sometimes those old sayings that your dad had may make you feel better.  So please if you have anything I would def. love to hear...