Monday, September 5, 2011

Confessions of a Catholic Cop ~Review~

     I received a copy of this book that I had actually won from another blog and I received it on Friday  before Hurricane Irene hit us here in NC.  I thought OK the power usually goes out also no TV, no computer, but I can read! I also have to admit that I do NOT enjoy reading so the book has to grab my attention and interesting for me to actually sit down and read.  It was a little difficult trying to read the book at first simply because there was a hurricane coming in, and all the excitement from that made it difficult to concentrate on what I was reading.  All and all I got a few chapters read, and my Mother in Law said you must really enjoy that book because all I seemed to wanna talk about was what going on in the book.

     I will tell you this, this is not a book for young children or even for some teens.  There is some really ugly language but you have remember that this book is based in the Bronx of NYC, and based on these Officers.  If you have ever had a job where you witnessed crime, murder and Rape daily, I guess you would understand how and why it is so easy for this language to come about!

     This a book for pretty much everybody! It has a little comedy, Romance, thriller, and suspense.  I got a little over halfway through the book and thought to myself I never saw that coming.  It kept me wandering at this point What was gonna happen next?  and where did that come from?  There are about 5 main characters in this book.  There is Michael Beckett, and Vincent D'Amato, there is Soalna Ortiz, Pete from Queens and the one and only R.J. Gold.  There are many others you will get to meet and I think out the ones you will get to meet at first didn't care but by the end Mona Love had my attention and I was rolling on the bed and my hubby looked at me like are you nuts?  I had no response other than "You have to read this for yourself".  It is as I stated an awesome book and by the last 10 or 15 chapters I couldn't put the book down.

     I am sitting here and my mind is all over the place because so want to tell you about the entire book and how it ends and what I saw.  While I was reading this book I felt like a bystander just watching it while everything happened.  It is a MUST READ and highly recommended!  The author Thomas J. Fitzsimmons does an awesome job of bringing this line of work to reality for those of us who don't live in the Bronx f NYC.

Thomas J. Fitzsimmons also has another book just released and also available at titled "Confessions of a Policewoman.  I got to admit I can't wait to get my hands on this book now.   You can find him on facebook at!/pages/Thomas-Fitzsimmons/38140252479
on twitter at!/Thomasfitzsimmo
and on his website
He is awesome Author and so far I haven't found a book I didn't enjoy!

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have read this book and if you haven't read it yet let me know what kind of books you enjoy reading.  Also I would love for you to follow via GFC (google friend connect)