Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tracfone and Your Family

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

     Are you struggling with high contract cell phones?  Not being able to keep in touch with your children?  Tired of the surprises you get with other phone services? Looking for the same great service and quality phone as you already have at a better rate? Well let Tracfone help you out! 

     I have been a Tracfone member now for 4 years and I haven;t looked back.  I have great local and long distance service including international calls for the same price as local calls.  You can also get a phone to fit you and your families needs from the Candy Bar pone to the Bluetooth enabled smartphone.  If you already have a phone and like the features you can probably find one just like it with Tracfone, they carry name brand's from Samsung to Nokia!    These phones have the capabilities of talk, text, video, camera, MP3 players, QWERTY, web access, and app applications for $29.99.  real TracFone customers

     Tracfone offers double minutes and one year service plans.  There is NO Credit cards needed and NO surprises at the end of the month.  Like to text no problem with Tracfone you can get texting and calling  pans as little as $10.00 a month!  With Tracfone there is never a contract to sign or a monthly bill coming in the mail.  You can purchase minutes on-line with a credit card or you can purchase a minute card from thousands of retailers nationwide like Wal-mart, Family Dollar, and many convenience stores.  real TracFone customers

     My favorite quality of the Tracfone is the reliability of phone service.  I have actually been with friends that their phone did not work and though my phone may not have full service bars I always seem to have service.  Watch this video from people who agree that Tracfone is the best when it comes to a reliable service! real TracFone customers 



     Check them out on the web at www. tracfone. com and see how they can help you and your family stay connected this summer and through out the year!

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