Sunday, June 5, 2011

Father's Day and My Daddy

     We are just one week away from Father's Day!  As important as our Mother's are so are our Father's.  I would like to share with my readers some memories past and present about my Father and what he means to me and welcome any comments you have on you and your Daddy!

     As a child I remember both my parents worked what seemed to be all the time.  I never really understood it but just knew  that it would pay off in the end.  While still I did not know or  understand I my dad I do remember all the times we went to do things together.  I was always the outside buff.  I never have been an inside person and enjoyed working in the yard much more than working in the house, so growing up I helped my dad with all the yard work and maintenance on the cars.  Because they worked so much Saturday was a workday around the house for us, and when it was about 1 PM he would look around and say "Are you hungry yet"?  Knowing what was coming next the answer was always "YES".  He would then go in the house to see if Mama wanted something and then we would load up in his truck and go to the Tastee Freeze.  For those of you that do not know what A Tastee Freeze is, well it is a little building that makes hot dogs, hamburgers, and had the best milkshakes in town.  We loved it so much and would work all day just knowing we were going to get to go get a chocolate milkshake when it was all done!

     I also remember when my dad worked 2nd shift our family owned and old green station wagon and my mother would cook supper and feed the kids.  She would fix daddy a plate and then at 7:45 PM mama, me, and my little sister would load up in the wagon and take daddy's supper to him.  He went on break at 8 and me and my sister waited patiently to see him come out of the door and then we would take off running to meet him.  While he ate his supper we would play under a weeping willow tree.  I will never forget the way my daddy would smell when he cake out that door.  He worked in a plant that made those really big transformers that helps all of us have power in our house and he kindda had a medal smell.  Hard to explain because it wasn't a bad smell just memorable!

     Then there are The Country Gospel Singers... My daddy played a guitar and him and his brother got together and started this group.  While they never got rich traveling the world I remember going to the local TV stations, and radios stations and hearing them.  We traveled to churches around and me and my baby sister would sing Victory in Jesus with them.  I love to hear my daddy talk about how he learned to play the guitar.  He never took lessons, or had someone to teach him but he had an old window pane that him and his brother would pretend to play.  Eventually you get the singer I know and love today!

     This is a little about my daddy and there is so much more to tell.  He is a man that took care of his family and gave is what we needed even if if took something from him.  He is a  hardworking man and even after retirement still works just as hard as he did when he was 20, 30, and 40.  Now I would love to know a little about your dad, good bad, serious, or just funny!  I think sometimes I could write a book about my dad and it would never be boring regardless of the person reading it they would be able to relate...