Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 Vacations for every child!

     As I child I can remember every year going somewhere on vacation with my parents.  Some were memorable simply for the fun times we had and some we remember just because something bad always seem to happen.  And when I say bad I don't mean anyone got hurt just maybe we broke down in a really bad part of town, or we were without water for a while!  I would not trade any of those moments now though for anything.  I have five vacations that children would really enjoy given the chance to go.

     The first one being the obvious to us all is Walt Disney World in Florida.  I went and turned 2 there so I don't remember that trip and I went back when I was 18.  The little girls have their Princesses and the little boys have their Kings and Princes.  I enjoyed the 3-D movies and they have alot of fun rides.  Unfortunately some are not for me but I seen and enjoyed alot of children on them having the time of their life.  We spent three days there and I still have not seen everything there, and of course they keep adding new stuff to the park about every 2 years they get them finished.  They did have some educational  things at The Epcot Center and me being not the Science person I am I even enjoyed it.  They make learning fun there and I can't wait to take my children again someday!

     The second place for vacation would have to be the Mountains of North Carolina.  I first went to the Mountains when I was about seven years old and we stayed in my Aunts house.  Right done the road there lived two brothers.  I will never forget them Jake and Sam were their names, and I thought they were the biggest Hillbillies I had ever meet. As I have grown and revisit almost every year I have learned to look around up there and just admire God's work.  Once you get out of the city areas and ride through the countryside you find yourself just lost in amazement and almost looking for a house to buy, because you enjoyed it so much.  As children we would go hiking through the hills and woods, and unlike in other areas of North Carolina if you step foot on someone Else's property you are not as likely to get shot at.  As crazy as that sounds I have been there too!  I learned that a Birch tree you can chew on the stick and it tasted like peppermint, and the creeks because they flow downhill are some of the cleanest water you will ever drink.  It not only is clean but colder than if you had ice in it!(Just make sure you are UPSTREAM from any cattle or horses, LOL).

     My next stop being number three would be the Beach.  I don't know of any child who has ever visited that didn't want to stay and go back very often.  There are alot of things there to do a s a family and really enjoy yourself.  We all have different things we like to do, all the kids enjoy the water including my husband.  Me? Well myself I am afraid of the ocean so I don't go out there to far into the water.  My favorite thing to there is to walk the beach and collect seashells, and go fishing (even though I don't like to eat fish, I enjoy fishing with the family.)  If it is possible for you to get tired of being on the beach you can go play putt-putt, they have a souvenir shop about every two buildings, and food like crazy.  If you are looking for fish to eat you went to the right place.
This our Family playing at the beach

This is that same wonderful family after being on the beach for just a few hours... They played hard!

    Fourth on my list would have to be for us the North Carolina Zoo.  I have yet to meet a child that did not enjoy the Zoo no matter how many times they go.  So far I haven;t been able to take my children but it is definitely would we have talked about and plan on doing.  The only thing is I remember going to the Zoo as a child and it was just so big and you were just exhausted at the end of the day that you really did not enjoy anything after a certain time.  I have not checked on rates for the Zoo this year and I am afraid to take my little one because she is only 2 and I won't her to remember going!  I was really young when I went to the Zoo and do not remember anything about it, so I am a firm believer that some vacations such as this needs to be done when the child can remember what they saw!  I can't wait to go back myself!

My 2 little Monkeys, I tell them I picked them out of a bunch at the Zoo! They love it!

     My 5th vacation that every child should go on would be just a camping trip with Family.  No matter where the location is.  Our Family goes to a piece of property that my in-laws own and it is over 100 Acres so we go there and camp, we can fish in the little pond, and take our dirt bikes, ATV's and go carts and ride.  We enjoy our Family time together weather we are off spending lots of money or we are just outside around a campfire with marshmallows.  I think honestly we enjoy the camping more than anything because we have no rules and no set times for anything. We can also ride our toys and not worry about anyone else around us.

      Every vacation you go on can be made to be a memorable moment.  You don't have to spend a lot of money and in a lot of cases you don't even have to go out of town.  We spend family time together and just enjoy the time we have together doing things "WE" enjoy!

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