Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Traditions

     Just about every family has an Easter tradition, whether it is going to church together, that new outfit, Easter egg hunts, or going some place special.  I don't really know what I would say that our family traditions were as I was growing up.  I do remember getting a new dress, new shoes to match, and handbag and sometimes an Easter Bonnet.  We always had an Easter basket on Sunday morning, and would go to church together.

     As a parent, and mother I have tried to keep some of the same traditions as I had growing up.  For Ex. this Friday the kids are  out of school and we are going to go outside (weather permitting) lay out some old newspapers and we are going to dye the eggs.  My children are 2, 7, and 12 and this is one tradition I think you never out grow.  I myself still enjoy and love coloring the eggs, just to see who can come up with the most different looking egg.

     I also still do the egg hunts for all the kids around and we try to have a special egg that is usually marked $$$.  In the past it's value has been as much as $5.00 but for this year it may have to drop to $1.00.  The older kids like to do the hunt I think simply because they feel they have power but I always hide the eggs kind of in one general area but in three separate areas.  After the first hunt the 2 year (1 at last Easter) caught onto where the older kids eggs were hide and she would go over and look to see if there was one in there for her.  Needless to say before my weekend is done I have had to have many, many  Egg hunts before it is all over.

     Another tradition I always have for my lil ones is on Saturday before Easter our church has an Easter egg hunt for the children and a hot dog dinner. Afterwards they have play practice for the program on Sunday.  When we get back home I take the Easter baskets  and tell the kids we have to leave them out on the table.  It takes some time getting them to let me have them but I tell them that the Easter Bunny  is coming tonight to  put their stuff in their basket and if they don't leave it out he will not leave nothing for them.  It is always fun to wake up on Sunday morning and see their lil faces when they get their baskets.  It is almost like Christmas in April.

Happy Easter to all and leave comment telling me some of your favorite Easter traditions, games, recipes, etc.  Always up for new ideas.