Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Giveaway

     When we grow up to be adults we forget some of the small things in life that really matter.  What do you remember about your birthdays?  I remeber the Family getting together and Momma doing everything she could to make it a special day.  My birthday is exactly one week prior to my baby sisters birthday so the only birthday I had that was just mine was my first birthday and even then my mother was carrying her then so I have never really had a birthday to myself.  Gerrie was born one week after my first birthday, but my Mother still got us seperate cakes on occassions and I remember some of them.
     One year I believe for my 13 birthday my Mother got us a cake together and it was a Phone.  One side said "Jennie it is for you", and the other side siad " Gerrie it is for you".  We didn't have alot of money growing up so we didn't have the finest, but we always had family and alot of fun.

     If you go over to Shining2Save at the link below you will have an  oppurtunity to win an Easter cake decorating set. Just click on this link and enjoy

I was not compensated for any reason and the Opions in this article are solely mine.