Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

     I hope each and everyone of you have a happy and safe New Year, 2012...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday gifts that keep giving!

     I know Christmas is over but now we have the New Year and there is no other way to start than with a new fresh coffee!  If you haven't tried it yet you must go and try the Roast coffee and send your friends an e-gift card! You get free shipping on orders $35.00 or more and you can use this coupon for $5.00 off of your first purchase! Coupon: BLOGME5

     This is a great gift for any occasion and for anyone that enjoys a hot, fresh brew!  So go check them out and get your e-gift cards now!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year and a New Me!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


     We are coming into 2012 and as most people they are making New Year Resolutions!  What are will some of your be?  One of mine is to get better in shape, and start a healthier lifestyle.  I am by far over weight, however I eat a lot of junk food and I am starting to add the pounds on!  I am not a person that does well with diets so I have done a little research looking for a program that fits me, and I found it! It is the Slim Fast 3 -2 - 1 plan!  They now have better tasting shakes than ever. check out the plan here: Slim-Fast

     Now Slim Fast is offering Creamy Milk Chocolate, French Vanilla, Rich Chocolate Royale, cappuccino Delight, and Strawberries and Cream.  I would love to try the French Vanilla or maybe event he Cappuccino Delight!  Which flavor is more like you?  You find the Slim Fast line in pharmacy sections of grocers and retailers nationwide including: Wal-mart, Kmart, Safeway,  and Kroger.  You can also order them online at Amazon. com  and from Slim Fast's Facebook page. Slim-Fast Like their page and send your friends by there too, I have enjoyed it and think you will too!



     You should also try the Slim Fast bars.  They come in three different flavors and are only 100 calories each.  You can get Fruit, Nut, or Veggies.  The shakes offer  up to 4 hours of hunger control and also offer 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.  It is recommended that you eat a balanced 500 calorie meal at least once a day and a good rule of thumb is to fill half of your plate with vegetables, 1/4 with protein, and 1/4 with whole grains.


     With Christmas just ending and the New year coming in besides New Year resolutions alot of people are looking to get in shape for many different reasons. Maybe it is a wedding, a vacation, the beach and swimsuits, or maybe a reunion.  With the cold weather I know I tend to stay inside much more and eat more than usual, and it seems that our Family gets together and eats much more in the colder weather than in the warmer weather so we tend to add a few extra pounds.  If ound that even if you are not looking to lose weight but help maintain a healthier lifestyle the Slim Fast 3*2*1 program can work for you also! 


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New Years 2012, How will you celebrate?

     We have almost survived 2011 and coming into the New Year of 2012.  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I think we are just going to stay home and spend time with friends and Family.

     October 13, 2010 my husband decided against everything I said that he would have a few drinks, and then decided to drive home!  Not a good idea but because of that he got the opportunity to visit the DRUNK TANK! He lost he license for 30 days, and now has to have a monatech breathalyzer to start his vehicle.  Not cool but hey they is what happens when you drink and drive if you are lucky....

     Since he received his DUI he has decided that drinking is not for him, and I am not upset at all.  So, we will be having a Sober New Year!  How about you?  I just hope that if you decide to drink that you at least have a sober driver, stay where you are or get a cab.  I really would hate to see this with your name on it!

I tried quitting, I really did. I just ran out of time and Chances

     I hope you and your family has a happy and SAFE New Year, and may the new year bring in lots of blessings for you and yours!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fun with Santa 2011

     This year we found out Santa Clause was going to be at our local McDonald's, so me, the hubby, and the 2 girls decided to go get us an ice cream.  What a better way to visit with Santa!  Hailey acted as if she was terrified at 7 years old, but Riley the 3 year old was esstactic.  In the following pictures below you will get to see the wonderful time we had with Santa and McDonald's!

This Riley River Moye age 3 years old sitting on Santa's lap!

This is me and Riley on Santas lap, and I'm not telling how old I am , LOL

This is David and Riley!  Looks like Riley is sticking her tongue out, hahaha

This is Riley 3 and Hailey 7!  Hailey wouldn't go alone!

     We had such a blast and a time to remember forever!  Do you go see Santa?  Where and did he make you sit on his lap like he did me and daddy?  This is one of my favorite times of year!  Just remember without CHRIST there would be NO CHRISTmas!

From the Moye Family to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
May God bless each and everyone of you and be safe!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disney Vacation Deals

     Mr Winter is upon us and all I can think about is how nice it would be  to take a nice vacation in the South where the Sun never seems to let you down!  Here I will give you several great reasons why you should plan a vacation at Walt Disney World with some great Disney vacation specials!  Guests of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin enjoy many unique and special Disney benefits and you can read about them here:

     You can receive extra magical hours just by staying here at the Disney resorts!  Who couldn't use an extra hour in the morning or maybe even a up to three hours in the afternoon after the park would normally close.  With a valid them park ticket and a resort ID for each adult this is just one benefit you can enjoy.  The lines are GREATLY decreased, so you have more time to ride and enjoy rather than waiting in line.

     Another great benefit is transportation from the resort to the park.  You can a nice cruise to Spcot or to Hollywood Studios or even take the shuttle bus anywhere within Walt Disney Resort.  The transportation runs about every 15 to 20 minuites so if you missed this one there is a very short wait time for the next one!

     For that golfer we have adanced tee times.  They have five championship golf courses plus a nine hole walking course.  There are currently ninety-nine more breathe taking holes and even more in progress for those staying at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.  Sometimes it just isn't a vacation if you haven't played golf.

     Then there is my favorite disney vacation special!  You haven't been and seen until you have visited with the characters in Walt Disney, however with the Disney vacation special you can dine with them.  This is a benefit for the young and old alike, there are no age limits and for everyone to enjoy!  Just don't forget the camera so you can get those personal and together photos with the characters, and get their autographs.  In most of the gift shops you can purchase an autograph book and they make great souveneirs.

    If you haven't decided yet or maybe you're still not sure go check out Disney vacation special and see what you think!  You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Disclaimer:  This post is my opionion andof no others.  Also these pictures that are posted here are the property of Walt Disney World and do NOT belong to me.  I only used them to give you a better idea what I was trying to express.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas gifts that just keep giving


  As a business owner I look around to find the perfect gift to give friends, family, associates, and customers.  I have  found the perfect place to get your gifts at a great price and they are customized to your company.  My husband and myself own an Electrical company find that when you leave a little something with the customer along with great service the customer now only calls you back but they tell people about you! 

     With Vistaprint I was able to get those perfect Gifts for Christmas and for any occasion and at a great price!  You can get anything from business card, coffee mugs, to T-shirts. And of course with the New year approaching what better gift than to give someone a Calender!  The Calenders  are great gift ideas simply because the customer always has your ad at their fingertips.

    Vistaprint also has sticky note pads, postcards, yard signs, banners, and you name it, and you can get it from Vistaprint.  They have everything your company needs and even if you don't own your own company you can personalize it to you!  For example a Calender of Family all year long, or maybe a photo of the Grand kids on a mug for Grandparents.  The ideas are endless and you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cheerleading Rah Rah Rah

    Did you ever want to become a Cheerleader?  I remember when I was in the sixth grade and our school was having the Cheer leading try outs.  I cried and begged my mother to please let me try out but because she had to work and I had no way home, I couldn't.  We didn't have the money really for us to be involved in extra curricular activities at school, so we had to ride the bus home and entertain ourselves there!

     If you know that special little lady that is wanting to become a cheerleader and you are thinking there is no way I can afford the uniforms and shoes, I have great news for you.  you can go here and find really great deals on Cheap Cheer leading shoes, with many different styles and designs.  They also have the different color slides that go into the shoes so that you can match the school colors, rather than just being plain! 

     You know Cheer leading is a great exercise program for girls to get into, especially if they are involved in any other kind of sports or activities.  Don't let the cost of Cheer leading shoes keep that little girls dream fade.  Even today I watch the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and think "You know that could have been me".  Not really but I would have really enjoyed trying.  If you think you or someone you know would be interested or even if you just want to get some comfortable, cheap Cheer shoes check them out.  You can't go wrong with these prices!

     They also have cheap Lacrosse balls if you have a little man or even a big man that enjoys playing Lacrosse.  So go check them out and see what you think!

Silver Smoke novel release tour

To celebrate the release of a new novel to the Seven Halos series, author Monica Leonelle is doing a Kindle Fire giveaway for Silver Smoke, the first novel in the series! Silver Smoke is the highly-rated (4.8 stars on Amazon) debut novel about the Hallows and the Nephilim, the descendants of archangels and humans. Here's a description of the book:

Brie van Rossum has fame, fortune, and beauty, but there’s one thing she doesn’t have–the name of her mother’s supernatural killer.
The Hallows, descendants of the archangels, don’t think Milena was murdered.. but can Brie trust them when their government, the New Order, wants her dead?
She’d better figure it all out soon…
… because when Brie finds out who she really is, the hunt will begin.
And Milena might not be the only casualty.
Like mother, like daughter…

We'll get to the contest details in a minute, but first, Monica gave us an exclusive excerpt of the book for the blog tour:

A soft smile spread slowly across Brie's face. “Hating each other hasn’t worked out so well for us, has it? Neither has ignoring each other. All that’s left is being friends.”

Rykken swallowed. That wasn’t all that was left, but he didn’t bother to correct her. He rested his chin on the rim of his thumb and index finger. “I’m sorry I was eavesdropping. I did it because Pilot wants me to keep an eye on you when he’s not around.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but it sounded like something Pilot would ask of him.

“It’s okay,” Brie said. “Whatever you overheard tonight, you’re misinterpreting it anyway. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t repeat it to my brother.”

“It sounded serious though. If you need someone to talk to—”

Brie looked up at him. “Maybe,” she said. Rykken tried to keep his features in place to hide his surprise. She smiled at him again, ducking her head. “I do need someone to talk to. And I feel like you’re a part of this anyway.”

“Okay,” he said, pushing his shoulders back. He normally tried not to look at her too much, but tonight it was almost impossible to take his eyes off her. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

Brie turned her marshmallows in the flames. “Rykken,” she said. The way she said his name was so tender and vulnerable and sweet, he could kiss her. “Sirena told me she saw something on your chest—a mark of some sort.”

Rykken’s stomach dropped. He had spent hours in the shower, trying to scrub the crescent moon from the area right below his heart. When the mark didn’t lighten, he tried to put it out of his mind—it was barely visible at practice, and no one had really noticed it besides Sirena.

Brie stared at him. He realized too late that she’d been watching for his reaction, despite his lack of words. “Can I see it?” she asked.

“Not now,” he said.

She kept staring at him. “Has anything... strange happened to you since you got that mark?”

“Like what?”

“Like, are you able to do things you haven’t been able to do before?”

Rykken was startled by her question. “No.” He leaned across his chair, until he was so close to her he could smell the smoke from the fire on her hair. “Brie, what’s going on? Why are you asking me this?”

Brie’s eyes flitted around his face, as if she were trying to look at every inch of it within a single second. “No reason,” she said, but he recognized her disappointment in his answer.

December 20th thru December 31st (12 days long)



  • Grand Prize Winner: Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
  • 2nd Place (two winners): Kindle Touch (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
  • 3rd Place (three winners): Kindle (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
  • Special Bloggers-Only Winner* (for blogger entrants – must enter via the web form): Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)

Winners will be selected using on January 1, 2012 and announced on How To Be An Author by January 2, 2012.

*To enter the Bloggers-Only drawing (in addition to the regular drawing), you must forward a link to your post to AND add your name to this bloggers-only email list (not for promotional purposes… just an easy way to distribute promised items):

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Granny and Hoarding

     Do you know someone who has a really hard  time letting things go or even you yourself?  I find myself keeping things for long periods of time and have a hard time letting them go! 
     My Grandmother was what I would have considered a Hoarder long before I even knew what the definition of a hoarder was.  She has lived in single wide mobile homes for many years and they were always so full of JUNK.  I can remember her having a specified bedroom that had absolutely nothing but old wore out dolls that someone else throwed away because they were missing an arm, or just in horrible shape.  I also remember when she would come to our house, and we were cleaning up if we throwed something away she would inform us that there was nothing wrong with that and we were just wasteful.  I guess sometimes we were and then sometimes we were just sick of the junk that was piling up around us.

     If you live in Texas you can go to Katy Junk Removal and they will actually come to your home and remove any thing you are looking to dispose of from Appliance, to computer recycling.  Their program helps relieve your house of the junk without filling up the landfills.  If you choose to use them you can rest assure that what they pick up will be recycled so they are to be considered a Green Company and helping save the environment!  As of right now they are a Texas based company and give you upfront rates, reasonable disposal, and schedule a convenient pick up time that works for you.  It is easy to get started, all you do is put in your zip code and they will give you rates and times available in your area!

     When my Grandmother passed away January 2010 I had wished we had a company like this in our area.  She ended up with 4 single wide mobile homes and she only lived in one.  They other 3 were just so full of junk that you could not even open the door to get inside.  Then we discovered that she had brand new clothes, towells, sheet sets, etc that still had tags on them but would continue to wear the good ole wore out and comfy clothing.  If you know someone who could use this service please share with them this info and Happy Fall Cleaning!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sprint Deals 12/12 -12/14

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

     Are you looking for the perfect gift for that Special Someone?  Sprint is having an awesome deal on Android powered EVO 4G or EVO shift devices for a limited time!

You can get  the HTC EVO 4G or EVO Shift for FREE only at Sprint online here.. 

Plus get waived activation for new lines of service and free shipping from Sprint here!

What better Gift to give than the Gift of security and communication.  Hurry before time runs out!   This offer ends on December 14, 2011.  Sprint offers really good phone plans to meet you and your families need so go check them out NOW!

Android™ powered EVO 4G devices

     Maybe you have a large Family and you are thinking I can't afford a  new cell phone or service plan now, you had additional lines for only $10.00 a month!  You can also get internet, text messaging, voicemail, and talk plans to fit your family needs.  Customize your phone plan to accommodate what you and your family are looking for.  You can also get national talk plans and just in time for Christmas.  If you have family that are long distance you can now call them from your NEW Sprint phone and save money! Hurry while this deal still lasts!


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Friday, December 9, 2011

Identity Theft and how it affects your Family

     Have you ever wandered about Identity theft and how it would affect your family?  Have you ever had a situation where you went to use your credit card or to get a new card and found out that someone had used your name and information to get a card?  You can go here and get a Credit report, and check and make sure you are still in good standing.

     A few years ago my Mother received a telephone call from a local retailer and informed her that they were upping her credit limit to $25,000.00.  Of course, my mother doesn't need or even want her credit limit taken to this limit, she asked the clerked on the phone why they are increasing her limit?  This is when we got the devastating news that her card had been used 9 states North of us!  Not only did they use the card but they had pretty much bought an entire Living room suite, bedroom suite, and a few odds and ends at a price of about $2,600.00.  I thought my mother was going to have a stroke (no kidding), and she immediately canceled her cards and started on a very long journey of getting her credit back in order!

     This was about 5 years ago when all of this happened and caused a lot of heartache for all of us!  My mother had to prove she was who she said she was and that she in fact did NOT purchase these items that were bought.  It also made it difficult for any accounts that my father was on because he also had to get all new cards and change accounts, simply because they didn't get a check on their Free Credit Score!  Do you know where your credit stands and if your Identity has been stolen?  Do you know the process if someone has stolen or even tried to steal your ID?  With the Economy upside down like it is right now, now is the perfect time to check it out and see where you stand.  And if yu are thinking that you don't have credit cards so you have nothing to worry about, you are WRONG!  Someone else may have your Social security number and driving a brand new car on your credit today!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sleep Troubles

     Have you ever woke up in the morning and just felt like a 2 ton truck ran you over all night long?  I feel that way everyday!  My husband tells me that we had conversations that I don't remember having and I even sit up in the bed and open my eyes.  He also tells me that I have a slight snore, nothing really loud or annoying.  In fact, he tells me its kinda ~cute~.  So what is causing this?

     Yesterday morning he told me that I threatened to kick his @$$!  He wakes up daily really Ill at me and I don't have a clue what he is talking about.  When I was younger my Mother would tell me that I would get up in the middle of the night and fold laundry.  You are probably wishing your child would do this too, right? Problem was that I was folding dirty clothes not the clean ones.  I have also woke up outside, and that is just frightening!  Needless to say I don't sleep nude for fear of where I may end up, lol!  My Cousin told me once that I sat straight up in the bed, looked at her, laid back down and went back to sleep!  Again no memory of it.  So what is causing this?

     I have full conversations in my sleep and open my eyes and make eye contact with the person I am talking to!  I think of people talking in their sleep of think of gibberish but in many cases I have had people to tell me about the conversations we had in clarity! Do you know of someone who sleeps, talks, walks, and fights in their sleep?  How do they handle it?  How does it affect their spouse?  Please leave a comment telling me of your story.  I am very interested in finding out what causes this and what treatments there are available!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cancer Survivor and Their Inspirations

     I have a mother who found out that she Mesothelioma; a type of cancer that kills 90-95% of those who have it.  She has  a daughter named Lily and the first year of her life was a bump in the road for best.  Not sure if  Heather (her mother) would make it to even see her start school more or less get a chance to see her graduate, get married or have grand kids, she knew she had to fight. Lily is Heather's only child and she knew she had to fight to see her grow up!

     I can not begin to tell you her story or stories of those that have gone through this.  However, I would love to invite you to the Heather Von St.James Mesothelioma Survivor Blog and read more about it.  She has a very interesting story to tell and knowledgeable information for everyone.  Lily is now 6 years old, do you know how Heather is doing?  Would you like to know?  Go here, and find out!  Great inspirations for anyone having troubles in their life!

Christmas Trend: Fun, Flavor, Color

Cake Batter Cookie Stackers

Cake Batter Cookie Stackers

Take sugar cookies to a whole new level of delicious! Kids and adults will love these cake batter flavored cookies with colorful frosting, and lots of sprinkles! Stack ‘em up and watch ‘em go.

full spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoonfull spoon false

(2 Ratings)
  • 30 Min
  • TOTAL TIME 1 Hr 15 Min


1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix
1/2 cup Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® yellow cake mix (dry mix from box)
1/2  cup butter, softened
1  egg
1/2 cup Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® yellow cake mix (dry mix from box)
2  cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup butter, softened
1  teaspoon vanilla
1  to 2 tablespoons milk
Liquid food colors (neon pink, neon blue, neon green, classic yellow and red to make orange)
Multicolored sprinkles

1 Heat oven to 375°F. In medium bowl, stir sugar cookie mix, 1/2 cup dry cake mix, 1/2 cup butter and the egg until soft dough forms.

  • 2 In small bowl, place remaining 1/2 cup dry cake mix. Shape dough into 36 (1-inch) balls. Roll balls in dry cake mix, coating completely. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
  • 3 Bake 7 to 9 minutes or just until cookies are set. (Watch closely to prevent cookies from getting too crispy and overbaked.) Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 15 minutes.
  • 4 In medium bowl, beat powdered sugar, 1/3 cup butter and vanilla with electric mixer on medium speed until blended. Beat in 1 tablespoon milk to make frosting smooth and spreadable. If frosting is too thick, beat in more milk, a few drops 4 small bowls, about 1/4 cup each. Add food color to tiint frosting in each bowl.
  • 5 For each sandwich cookie, spread 1 rounded teaspoon frosting on bottom of 1 cooled cookie. Top with second cookie, bottom side down; gently press cookies together. Roll sides of sandwich cookie in sprinkles.

  • Disclosure:  I received this receipe through MyBlogSpark.  I have not presonally tried these but thought they were really cute and fun for Christmas.

    All In the Family

    Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy
    My sister and I moved to Texas in 2009 and took with us the crazy dream of owning a boutique. We found a great little apartment and full time jobs and began saving every penny we could. It took us two years to scrape the funds together to rent a little shop in a happening spot downtown. With our business budget in mind, we set out to find ways to save on each and every utility. I was immediately online at texas electricity providers finding the electricity provider for our area. My sister took control of all the other utilities and we had the lights on and the doors open within weeks of closing the contract. We have developed some great relationships with unique vendors and artist in the area. The boutique is ever evolving and we carry a beautiful line of kitchen accessories and creative products to make cooking fun and exciting. We offer a range of products perfectly suited for beginners and professionals alike. It has been so wonderful to see a dream come to life with my sister

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    Blolg opportunity ~Diamond Candles~

    If you are interested in doing a Review and Giveaway on your blog click here for Diamonds Candles!

    With every candle there is an awesome aroma and a Ring surprise!  The rings are valued anywhere from $10.00 to $5,000.00.  Who could ask for anything more!

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    30 Days of Thankfulness, what's yours?

    During the month of November we are doing a Thankful thought a day!  Because my schedule doesn't allow, I am doing all 30 of mine in one post!  I would like to hear your feedback, what are some of the things you and your Family are Thankful for?

    Day 1 -  I am thankful for God and all the blessings he bestows upon me and my family.

    Day 2 - My Mom and Dad, because they have been there in good times and in bad times.  They help me out when it seems no one else cares what happens.

    Day 3 - My Hubby, because for the longest time he has been my best friend and still is.  I can talk to him pretty much about anything.

    Day 4 - My children, although I have alot of issues with them at times I am so thankful that I have them and wouldn't trade them for the world!

    Day 5 - Lessons taught and Learned, I know it sounds crazy but my parents were awesome and taught me things that I needed to be in the REAL world!

    Day 6 - Cheyenne - Though I did not know her for a very long time she has become one of my best friends.  She is the one I can talk to about everything!

    Day 7 - My Church, because they are friends and family that I never had. I can call them if I need something and they pull together to do what they can to help me out.

    Day 8 - My sanity! Sometimes I wonder if I really still have it and then I realize it is just the world whirling by extremely fast and I just have to slow things down a bit!

    Day 9 - The Farmers of America, because I love to eat really good food and they know all the secrets to getting it too me!  If it wasn't for our Farmers we wouldn't have meat, and vegetables!

    Day 10 - In Laws, ha ha got ya on that one I'm sure...  My Father in law when he would see my parents always told them that he wished David (my hubby) had married me years ago, he is 78 years old and I do love them to death... Like most in laws they have their days where I wish otherwise, lol

    Day 11 - My home, It is nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It is not a mansion but it is paid for!

    Day 12 - My health, I have lived 355 years and never had any major problems.  I have hit a few bumps in the road but slowly but surely I have crossed over and got back to it!

    Day 13 - Sweet Tea, and this is probably just flat out crazy but I do love me some sweet tea!

    Day 14 - Spring, I love the beautiful colors and the warmer air coming out of Winter!  The green leaves on the trees and flowers blooming!

    Day 16 - My blog, I have really enjoyed writing in my blog and meeting new friends through it.  It gives me an escape sometime to just express myself in words that I can type and erase if I didn't like the way it came out!  Have you ever said something and wished you could take it back, well here I can!

    Day 17 - New Family... By this I mean family I have never meet before and then I find out we are related.  It is so refreshing to meet new people.

    Day 18 - I am Thankful for Thanksgiving.  It is a time in our Family when we get together and eat lots of really good food.  My mother used to do all the cooking and we just eat and helped clean up.  Now that we are older we all try to cook a few pieces and take to her house and enjoy a huge meal with her.

    Day 19 - Christmas.  Who doesn't enjoy Christmas?  It used to be the presents, still today for most children but now it just means so much more!  I enjoy the time I get to spend with my family.  Christmas 2009 I was blessed to spend my last Christmas with my Grandmother and to this day I still cherish that moment. ~Happy Birthday Jesus~

    day 20 - Jesus dieing on the cross for my sins.  You know he gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever give.  I can't think of too many people that I would die for but he died for ALL of us!

    Day 21 - facebook, while it sounds ludicrous I have found long lost friends and family members that I would not be able to talk to without it!  And I enjoy playing the games too!

    Day 22 - Love, I have alot of people in my life and Love isn't always what comes to mind.  I do have and feel the love around me though most of the time and I am thankful that I have people that care and love me enough to do what they do for me!

    Day 23 - Gift of Gab,  It is funny because I can meet people and talk to them as if I have known them my whole life.  But sometimes it is difficult to write stuff down.  I am so glad I can talk to people because it makes life much easier in Law Enforcement in which I studied and worked briefly!
    Day 24 - Life in general...  I am so thankful that my Mother decided to have me and keep me.  I often think about children that their mother's and father's didn't want them and just Thank God for my wonderful parents who gave me Life!

    Day 25 - Water on so many levels!  I love to swim, bathe and drink water! 

    Day 26 - Today I am Thankful for Ritalin...  I have 1 son that is ADHD and Bipolar and a daughter that is ADHD.  On days like today Ritalin is my friend.  Several people have argued about children on this med. but at the same time they don't understand why my children are so wide open, and they are taking meds.  Imagine if they weren't!

    Day 27 - Fall because I love to watch the leaves fall out of the trees.  For most of us in the south the leaves falling is our snow!  And like those up north we have to clean it up but I enjoy it!

    Day 28 - Dixon Electric...This is the company both my husband and I own and run.  He does the work and I do alot of the talking to customers...

    Day 29 - Energy that I never seem to have anymore!  I am thankful that I am able to get up everyday, breathe, and walk.  There are so many people that can't say that and I am thankful I can

    Day 30 - I have no specifics here.  I am just thankful for so much it is really hard to put it all into words.  I have a great Family, wonderful friends, and a home!  All of which makes life great everyday and worth living!

    Now it is your turn, can you give me something you are Thankful for?

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    Puppies vs Babies Where do you stand?

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

         I have both puppies and Babies and I have to say without a doubt that my Babies are the bomb!  What makes them so great you ask?  Well, let me tell you! 

         First when my babies came home they didn't cry and whine and have stinky breathe! They could look me in my eyes and give me the sweetest smile you have ever seen, and just make you want to hold them all day long.  As I carried my babies for 9 months I was building that bond with them that never broke.  When I look at them I see a little bit of their dad and a little of me!  With babies you can dress them up in the cutest little outfits and take them everywhere you go, puppies however you can't take everywhere.


         As babies get older and become Adults they leave home where a puppy as he/she gets older they are your companion for life. So one up there for the puppies, right?  However, I enjoy the thought that my baby is going to grow up and have babies of their own and I can enjoy Grand babies then.Puppies vs. Babies

         Have you heard about the Baby vs Puppy contest online? Puppies vs. Babies online contest They are down to the final 2 Raven vs Jake.  I voted for Jake because he just adorable!  The contest ends Nov. 18 so go now and vote before it is too late!  Once you go vote Puppies vs. Babies online contest come back here and leave a comment and let me know who you voted for and why?  I know it is hard because they are all just so cute but who do you think is cuter?  Battle is on  and we need you to go vote for your favorite to see who wins!

    Visit Sponsor's Site

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Shop small business and shop HUGE

         November 26, 2011 is shop small business day!  If millions of Americans would shop small it could be Huge.  I took the pledge to only shop small on 11/26/2011, will you? Just go to Pledge here, and give Mom and Pop shops a day of their own.  I was given this opportunity as a Vocal Point member and now I want to share it with you!

         I personally prefer small business.  You get much better service and they don't harass you to buy something.  If you haven't already take the pledge now!

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    Chocolate for Thanksgiving anyone? 18+ Only post

         When you think of Thanksgiving what do you think about?  I think about Turkey and Families getting together and enjoying themselves.  Once you go to your parents house and then to your in-laws house, it is just nice to come home and relax.  If you are like me and you have children then your day still isn't over.  So you spend what little time you have with the little ones before putting them to bed and then it is time for you and your spouse to relax and be Thankful together.  So what do you do, and do you involve Chocolate?  You do if you go to EdenFantasys and at a great price.

         I have found some wonderful items that you can purchase for yourself and your hubby or you can purchase them for gift ideas.  And they are always at really great prices.  My favorite is the Chocolates Sweet Spot Kit - vibrator kit.  The kit is regular $32.99 and on sale right now for $24.74. A saving of $8.25, Thankful now right?  The kit includes a traditional pocket rocket and bullet style vibrators that have a shimmer metallic brown color, and a bottle of chocolate flavored lotion.  They are food grade material, waterproof, and the pocket rocket and bullet are multi speeds.  Can you say Thanksgiving Dessert?

         You can check out EdenFantasys website for video reviews and written reviews.    I found that these were helpful if you are not sure on a particular item or exactly what they were for. You can also ask the manufacturer about their product or ask an expert.  You have the option of being public or as private as you like.  These are both options I cherish because maybe I don't feel comfortable about talking about everything with just everybody!  If you are looking for a great gift item for a special friend or your spouse try EdenFantasys, and rest assure you will not be disappointed!

    Disclaimer:  This is the opinion on Jennie from Southern Mom of 4, I was asked to do this post or told what to write, however I did receive a gift card for the participation in the review.  All thoughts are those of mine and no others!

    E-Vegitarian cookbook ~Review~

         I have been given a great opportunity to review a vegetarian e-cookbook, Confessions of a Red Hot (veggie) Lover.  I must say first and foremost I am not a vegetarian but I do love my veggies!

         I used my hubby as a Guinea pig on a few of these and I must say I was surprised at his response!  He loved the Omelette's and usually he only wants an omelet with sausage or bacon in it! However he too is a big fan of his meat he was very happy with these recipes. Unfortunately my camera is broken so I can't take any pictures to share with you but I promise to upload some as soon as I can get some!

         With these recipes you really don't know that isn't any meat in them unless you prepared the meal or unless you were told.  There are great recipes for your children to help you prepare and I promise it will help you get your little ones eating more veggies!  I have a 7 and 3 year old and sometimes it is a little difficult getting them to try new things but I didn't have a lot of trouble with these!

         Confessions of a Red Hot (Veggie) Lover is available on Amazon and was released June 2011.  It is written, by Belinda Y. Hughes.  For her special diets food blog visit Belinda's page

    Discalimer:   The opinions in theis post are solely the opion of mine, I did not receive any comphensation for doing this post.  I did receive a copy of "The Red Hot Veggie Lover" e-cookbook for the purpose of review only!

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

         Being from the South you hear alot of terminology growing up that sometimes really don't make sense.  My dad always had my favorite one.  I will tell you about that one later, but first to ~Ignorance is Bliss~.

         As an adult every time I think of that old saying I have to ask myself, What? What really are they talking about?  So as I was talking to my husband, David, one day we got to talking about ignorance.  Now you have to understand that this is a man that if he ever read it, seen it, heard it, he remembers it!  However me, I can't read something and half the time tell you what I just read or what it was about.  When you think about things in certain aspects you really start to understand where, and why they came about. 

         Steve Jobs is one of the most recent, smartest men most of us know about and I have to ask myself was he REALLY happy?  If you go to google and ask the question "Why are intelligent people less happy?" you get a huge number of results.  My husband seems to be a very miserable man most of the time, I guess because he knows so much about people and things that he doesn't really get to enjoy anything.  If we watch a movie together I get quizzed on her the stars are, what else they played in, etc.  To be honest I don't care who they are or anything about them.  Do you think they care who I am or my struggles in life? NO!

         But the best southern phrase I have ever heard and to this day makes me the maddest has to be ~Did you hurt in to your Notion?~

         Ask anyone outside of my friends and family and they look at you like you are CrAzY!  However growing up if we got hurt that is what my dad would ask and if you told him no, he told you to go back and do it again!  I am 35 and my dad still enjoys that one!

         Would love to hear any comments, phrases, thoughts, or opinions you have on this post.    Life in general is so full of surprises and we have to take them day by day and sometimes those old sayings that your dad had may make you feel better.  So please if you have anything I would def. love to hear...

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Real Moms Love to Eat ~Review~

         Here at Southern mom of 4, we do love to eat really good southern food.  It is no surprise that Southern Women are larger than most simply because we enjoy FOOD!  However, while I enjoy food I am a very picky eater and I am afraid it may have rubbed off on my children.  We always feel a little guilty when we think of our eating habits and then we have a thought of going on a Diet.  Diets never seem to work for most people, and now I can finally say I have found a book for us all!

        Beth Aldrich's new book is due to be released on January 3,2012, titled Real Moms Love To Eat.  She is running a sweepstakes for pre-ordering her book, and you can pre-order her books at the following links and enter to win some great gifts in return.
    Barnes and Nobles
    India Bound

    And in Canada

         The gifts include for November 1: The ultimate mom on the go traveling snack carrier and travel bamboo utensils.  November 15 is a plush throw blanket.  New items are added weekly so be sure to check back in to see what new ones are added.

         I can't wait for January just so I can receive this book and check out all the new recipes Beth Aldrich's has to offer.  The book is broken up into 3 different sections:
    1. Fun easy to follow 10 part plan for moms
    2.  Life long changes in their approach to food
    3. 21 days of meals suggestions, tips, recipes, and lifestyle changes.

         I myself am NOT on any kind of diet but I think that every mother should think about healthier eating for her family.  According to the chart I am fortunately in my average weight class and my family is also within healthy weights.  I tell you this because I think that this book is more than for someone who is going on a diet.  She offers life changing style, and tips for all family sizes.  And I do enjoy cooking so the recipes for me are just a bonus to the book.  Please check out Beth Aldrich's book Real Moms Love To Eat and tell your friends about it.  If every family would just change maybe 1 or 2 bad eating habits imagine how much healthier we would be and even feel. 

    Disclaimer: I wrote this blog while participating in the socialmoms and Beth Aldrich - Real Moms Love to Eat blogging program, for a chance to get 3,000 My Reward Points.  For more information on how you can participate click here.

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Signs of Abuse in a Relationship

         You may ask What is there to know?  I already know the signs!  I used to think I knew the signs until I myself went through the Domestic Violence.  Even then I still would not have admitted to going through such horrific things.  As a child and teenager I would always tell people I am NOT going to be with no man that beats me!  There is much more to the abuse than just him or her hitting each other.  I have listed here a few things that over the years I have learned, mainly from experience and some from other sources.

         At first we will list the obvious ones that should throw up a red flag for anyone!

    1. 1.  They suddenly walk around with sunglasses on because they have a blackened eye.  If you have a really close friend that never wears glasses and suddenly has on a pair and especially refuses to remove them when coming indoors, your friend may be in a bad situation!
    2. Broken bones - Everyone at some time in their life may experience a broken bone, but if someone is suddenly receiving what would be considered more than usual broken bones, and their story is they fell down steps, or tripped and hit the floor.  You may want to try and talk to this person.  Don't be surprised if they don't want to talk, they are afraid for their life at this point.
    3. Depression - most people when they are being mistreated tend to blame themselves for what happened to them and tend to stay away from others.  They used to be an outgoing person and now they don't want to leave their house or have company.
    4. Weight gain or weight loss - You know your friend and you know if they are trying to gain or lose weight.  Major gain or loss is never a good idea for health reasons and with depressions,  and stress we tend to deal with it in our own way.  Maybe they are refusing to eat or overeating to comfort their own feelings!
    5. Sex - If your friend was the type of person that stayed solely with one partner and suddenly was seeking out attention in unhealthy manners he/she may be abused.  This is also common in especially young girls that are or were molested as young girls. If a person goes from being with one partner to having many partners, this could be a sign that they are in a sexual abuse situation.  They may not be the one looking for but will almost allow others to do what they will because they feel they have too.
    6. Cries alot - sometimes they will cry over spilled milk as the old saying goes.  This maybe because they are yelled at all the time over nothing.
    7. Self esteem goes to nothing - In most cases of abuse they are told they are nothing, and never will be nothing.  I was told I couldn't make it without him and that nobody would ever want to be with me.
    8. Cutting - sounds crazy but sometimes they do things like cut themselves to feel alive, I did.  If he could inflict pain on me why couldn't I?  It just made me realize I really was somebody!
    9. Withdrawals - Their entire lifestyle may change from going out with friends or talking on the phone to you can't find them.  They refuse to answer calls and never wants to be part of anything anymore!
    10. Alcohol and or Drug abuse - Again a way of dealing and blocking out the pain!

         This post was not intended in anyway to diagnose someone.  This is things I experienced with myself and felt maybe or would help others to understand some of the things that abused women/men go through and even in some cases how they deal with it.  If you suspect something is going on with your friend try talking to them and just show support and concern.  If they are ready they will talk but you can not force them to communicate and talk about it.  Calling the law only made things worse for me because my ex-husband swore I was the one who called and I was beaten even worse.

    Disclaimer:   I wrote this post for myself and not to be intended for any kind of medical use.  I have experienced this and this my opinion and that of NO others!

    The ABC's of ME!

    I thought this wold be a fun and interesting way for to learn a little bit about me, by using the ABC's and a description of me!

    A - Adventurous
    B - Beautiful
    C - Caring
    D - Daring
    E - Eventful
    F - Friend
    G - Gardener
    H - Happy
    I - Insightful
    J - Juggler
    K - Kind
    L - Loving
    M - Mother
    N - Nice
    O - Open
    P - Patient
    Q - Queen of my domain
    R - Respectful
    S - Sister
    T - Talker
    U - Understanding
    V - Vigorous
    W - Wild
    X - Xanthus - (when I was born I had Jaundice so I had a yellowish skin)
    Y - Young
    Z - Zealous

    This was a funny little Game you can play with others also to describe themselves or you!  Now I would like for you to leave a comment below with some adjectives that describe who you are.  You don't have to do A -Z like I did but maybe a few that really describe who you are!

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Halloween Costumes for ~ADULTS~

    18+ post for Adults ONLY thank you

    When I was little I used to love to go and find the perfect costume for Halloween. Well, now as an Adult I still like to find the perfect costume rather it be for Halloween or just playing dress up for my hubby!  You may ask yourself where can I get such an outfit?  At EdenFantasys, they have everything from sexy Lingerie to what could be Halloween Costumes. 

         They mainly have costumes for women but they do have a Fire Fighter costume for men and a Fire Fighter for Women.  You can find both Male and Female Fire Fighter costumes in my store ~Southern Pleasure~, along with many other items.  But maybe you don't want to be a Fire Fighter, you want to be a Police Woman, or School Girl.  They can all be found at EdenFantasys.

         You can choose your own from really sexy and not a lot there, to something that you may actually be able to pull off at a party.  I guess you could say that some are just left to stay at home and others can be worn in public (If you dare). Here are a list of the different types of costumes you can purchase through EdenFantasys.

    French Maid
    Arabian Dancer
    Cougar Cat suit
    Saloon Girl

    And lets not leave out some of the necessary accessory's to really pull these outfits off!

    Handcuffs for the Police Officer

    You can find these outfits and MANY more at EdenFantasys, and the prices range from $20.00 to around $60.00.  And of course you can get free shipping on a lot of orders and sometimes a free gift depending on how much you spend!  You can follow EdenFantasys on facebook and twitter for special deals and promotions. 

    Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

    Disclosure:  This post is my opinion and my opinion only, I was compinsated with a gift card fromEdenFantasys.  Still I reinterate that this is my opinion of this site!

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Family Fun Outdoors

    Do you remember when you were little and begging your mother to go outside and play. Even if you didn't have the biggest, fanciest toys in the nighborhood you always managed to have a great time and wanted to go out early in the morning and stay til late at night! I have in the last 10 to 15 years meet children that do not enjoy going outside, WHY? Have times changes that much since I was a little girl? I don't really think so but maybe it is technology!

    As a child I did not have the fancy swings, trampolines, and cool outside toys that the other children had. We had better, and they weren't store bought items either. My Daddy was a lil Engineer in his own mind. We had a roller coaster, yes a roller coaster when I was little. It was made out of the big transformer cable going the top of one tree down to another tree, with an old 3 seater truck seat attached at the bottom of the tree. The ride itself was composed of the front handlebar and wheel of an old bike and you would climb the tree, hold tight and ride. We also had a car from one of the fair rides (The Tilt-A-Whirl) that my dad took and made a Merry-go-round out of. Those were the ones the neighborhood kids enjoyed but I myself enjoyed the swings and the See Saw that my dad made. Me and my little sister would sit out there all day long and sing. Don't know if we ever sung a song right or if we even knew the words to one complete song but we would take several songs and make up words as we went. However my sisters weren't the Dirt Monkeys, they liked to play with clean toys I also enjoyed my sandbox my dad made us. I can remember sitting outside for hours at a time playing in the sand and when I was done I would have an entire circus out of sand. Unfortuanatly my parents weren't as big on taking pictures like we are today and as you all know there was no such thing as a digital camera. We had polaroids and Film and both were kind of expensive to develope, so there were no pics to share with my children now.

    My children now or did have trampolin but they destroyed it, along with the swings and anything else they got their hands on. As a Family we enjoy going outside playing different games such as basketball, volleyball, riding dirtbikes, camping, hiking, walking, and Cornhole toss. My daughters enjoy the jump roping and games of tag. My children own a nintendo but I do not allow them to sit in the house and watch TV, play video games and play on the computer. I think that is one of the problems with our youth today. I have neice that sleeps, eats, and watches TV. Thats it, she is over weight and very under active. The family uses her Asthma as an excuse for it and I tell them that a little activity every now and then will not hurt her. So I try and keep mine active.

    I guess I don't have to tell you that Clorox 2 is like my best friend of laundary just simply because I use it in like every load of clothes. My husband works on cars, Electrical contractor and HVAC technician so he gets really dirty and greasy himself. I just took the Clorox 2 play 2day pledge. I pledged to spend at least 10 hours a week min. with each of my children. If you would also like to take the pledge for your family go here. You can also find Clorox on facebook and follow them on twitter. You can find some really great ideas and tips on keeping your colors very beautiful and your whites still white!

    About Clorox2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster:
    Getting dirty is much more fun when it's easy to get clean. When the outdoor fun is finished, Clorox2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster gets out the tough stains, so your kids can take part in healthy fun and get dirty over and over again.

    About Clorox:
    The Clorox Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products with 8,100 employees and fiscal year 2011 revenues of $5.2 billion. Clorox markets some of consumers' most trusted and recognized brand names, including its namesake bleach and cleaning products, Green Works® naturally derived home care products, Pine-Sol® cleaners, Poett® home care products, Fresh Step® cat litter, Kingsford® charcoal, Hidden Valley® and K C Masterpiece® dressings and sauces, Brita® water-filtration products, Glad® bags, wraps and containers, and Burt’s Bees® natural personal care products. Nearly 90 percent of Clorox Company brands hold the No. 1 or No. 2 market share positions in their categories. The company’s products are manufactured in more than two dozen countries and sold in more than 100 countries. Clorox is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where its employees work and live. Founded in 1980, The Clorox Company Foundation has awarded cash grants totaling more than $84 million to nonprofit organizations, schools and colleges. In fiscal year 2011 alone, the foundation awarded $4 million in cash grants, and Clorox made product donations valued at $13 million. For more information about Clorox, visit

    “I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Clorox2® blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    10th Anniversary of USA Tragedy

         10 Years ago on September 11, 2001 We as Americans witnessed one of the biggest tragedies ever known to us.  I can't say that I was alive or old enough to remember any other tragedy to the US in my 35 years but I will never foreget about this day!
         You hear it all the time Where were you?  And what were you doing?  Can you answer these questions?  I can with complete confideince that I know where I was and exactly what I was doing at the exact moment the first plane crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC.  Alan Jackson had a song "Where were you the day the world stopped turning".  It is an Awesome song and if you haven't heard you really need to check it out.

         I was working at AAA Mini storage, and we had a small 13" TV in the waiting room.  I was waiting to take my son which was 3 years old at the time, to his pre-school program when the news came across the TV.  It was on every local channel and a horrific sight to everyone.  I remember my son asking what happened to the TV momma, and I really had no real response to give him.  I wasn't sure myself I think, it just didn't seem like it was real.  It was almost like I was just watching a really bad movie on TV.

         I welcome any comments or stories you have to share from this day!  Sorry for such a short post but this is one is difficult to write without getting all teary eyed!

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Date night with the Hubby!

       Warning 18+ only post... Sexual content

      Do you remember as teens when a guy would ask you out how we as girls would spend hours getting ready, doing our hair, makeup and looking for the perfect outfit?  Well then we grow up and get married and date night ends!  It doesn't have to, with EdenFantasys you can have a date night right in your own bedroom without the worry of what others will think or say!

         You can find EdenFantasys.  They have everything you can imagine for playtime with the hubby from toys to dress up!  The products when you order them are delivered to your mail box and are in discreet wrappings to NOT let everyone know what you have in mind for later. 

         I personally have the Siri and love it.  It is small, but yet larger than life when used, it isn't real loud,very quiet, easy to use, rechargeable and has many different speeds and functions all in one!  Check out Lelo Siri and let me know what you think. I also like the f have to act that
    it can be used on many different parts of the body.  It can used by itself, with other toys or even with multiple play!  Both you and your partner can find enjoyment in this jewel, and many hours of pleasure before it ever has to be recharged.  It clean up easily and has its own little carry bag so everyone doesn't know what you have in your nightstand drawer.

         You do have to sign up for an account with EdenFantasys to order their products but your information is not shared with anyone.  You only receive the emails that you want to receive and can cancel your account at anytime without hassle.  I just can't imagine canceling mine!  So stop by their website, and see what you think.  Never know you may have a date night before you know it.

    Listed here are a few links to more specific areas of the EdenFanatasys website that you may enjoy.  While you are there look around for something I have maybe missed but I have to admit these are things I really enjoy about them!

         Also if you have any questions in regards to their products you can email them, or ask in a discussion group depending on the privacy levels you are looking for and receive a response within 1 - 2 business days.  Unless it is a weekend or Holiday I usually get my response within 24 hours.  Great Customer Service and they assist you with anything you need!  Go check them out now if you haven't already! EdenFantasys
    Disclosure: I was given a gift card to write this post.  The opinions here are mine and solely mine.

    Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Confessions of a Catholic Cop ~Review~

         I received a copy of this book that I had actually won from another blog and I received it on Friday  before Hurricane Irene hit us here in NC.  I thought OK the power usually goes out also no TV, no computer, but I can read! I also have to admit that I do NOT enjoy reading so the book has to grab my attention and interesting for me to actually sit down and read.  It was a little difficult trying to read the book at first simply because there was a hurricane coming in, and all the excitement from that made it difficult to concentrate on what I was reading.  All and all I got a few chapters read, and my Mother in Law said you must really enjoy that book because all I seemed to wanna talk about was what going on in the book.

         I will tell you this, this is not a book for young children or even for some teens.  There is some really ugly language but you have remember that this book is based in the Bronx of NYC, and based on these Officers.  If you have ever had a job where you witnessed crime, murder and Rape daily, I guess you would understand how and why it is so easy for this language to come about!

         This a book for pretty much everybody! It has a little comedy, Romance, thriller, and suspense.  I got a little over halfway through the book and thought to myself I never saw that coming.  It kept me wandering at this point What was gonna happen next?  and where did that come from?  There are about 5 main characters in this book.  There is Michael Beckett, and Vincent D'Amato, there is Soalna Ortiz, Pete from Queens and the one and only R.J. Gold.  There are many others you will get to meet and I think out the ones you will get to meet at first didn't care but by the end Mona Love had my attention and I was rolling on the bed and my hubby looked at me like are you nuts?  I had no response other than "You have to read this for yourself".  It is as I stated an awesome book and by the last 10 or 15 chapters I couldn't put the book down.

         I am sitting here and my mind is all over the place because so want to tell you about the entire book and how it ends and what I saw.  While I was reading this book I felt like a bystander just watching it while everything happened.  It is a MUST READ and highly recommended!  The author Thomas J. Fitzsimmons does an awesome job of bringing this line of work to reality for those of us who don't live in the Bronx f NYC.

    Thomas J. Fitzsimmons also has another book just released and also available at titled "Confessions of a Policewoman.  I got to admit I can't wait to get my hands on this book now.   You can find him on facebook at!/pages/Thomas-Fitzsimmons/38140252479
    on twitter at!/Thomasfitzsimmo
    and on his website
    He is awesome Author and so far I haven't found a book I didn't enjoy!

    Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have read this book and if you haven't read it yet let me know what kind of books you enjoy reading.  Also I would love for you to follow via GFC (google friend connect)